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Thousands of Trump Supporters Wait in Rain for Tonight’s Rally in Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

President Trump’s movement is growing. Americans love this President.

The Democrats are losing the hate filled battle that they’ve waged to try to remove this President from office over hurt feelings. They want to remove someone that the American people truly love and support. Make no mistake, this impeachment isn’t about President Trump, it’s about overthrowing the vote and will of the American people.

The President will have a massive rally tonight in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and his supporters are already out in the cold rain by the thousands.

Watch this video below, and you’ll see thousands and thousands of Trump supporters waiting in the rain for tonight’s big event!

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1 year ago

Anyone who loves trump is dumb as a rock. He’s authoritarian and would-be dictator. Why else would he meet with Russian Foreign Minister day articles of impeachment are issued? the last time Trump met with the foreign minister was the day after he fired James Comey. Just a coincidence? Probably meeting for his 2020 re-election planning.

Carolee E Thumma
Carolee E Thumma
1 year ago

As a Pennsylvanian I would like nothing more than to get rid of this orange Putin Puppet before he destroys American and Democracy. Doesn’t matter what the state, you got stupid everywhere.

1 year ago

Americans love this president? 🤣😂 ya, those racist family members the rest of the family can’t stand. He’s just as embarrassing as they are so of course they love him. The rest, and the majority btw, HATE this guy. The world is literally laughing at him. Other world leaders literally are mocking him as he is THAT pathetic. My husband served 13yrs are a marine, this veteran family will NEVER vote for the orange embarrassment. Anyone but trump 2020!

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