Thousands of Covid Cases Reported in Colleges, but ZERO Hospitalizations REPORT Says

So there are thousands of college students who have coronavirus, in fact from this chart below, over 11,000 have it. But there’s a kicker here. Not ONE has been hospitalized, not ONE.

1/ Very Reassuring U.S. Return To Campus C19 News: ZERO reported C19 hospitalizations despite >11,000 students testing C19+, i.e., being declared “C19 cases”

The following is from our friends at The Blaze:

There is not a single hospitalization among them. How is this an emergency situation? If anything, the fact that there are so many cases is a blessing, because, with such a young population, these cases are a de facto vaccine, creating herd immunity without danger.

Despite this blessing, the University of Arizona has hired a private security company to “patrol and ensure compliance of health and safety directives” on campus, essentially turning the campus into a prison and criminalizing the lives of young adults who have near-zero risk from the virus. They must be suffering the epidemic of the century there in order to warrant such heavy-handed policing, right?

Well, according to Dr. Richard Carmona at the College of Public Health at the University of Arizona, they found a few “cases” at a sorority house and “were able to identify, very early, before anybody was symptomatic, that there were sick people in their dorm.”

The horror! Some asymptomatic cases. What are they going to do during the flu season when even young people actually get sick for a week? The entire purpose of counting cases during an epidemic is because they might predict mass casualties. During this pseudo-epidemic on college campuses, they need to count cases to even know they exist. But if they don’t result in serious illness, then what is the purpose of counting them more than rhinovirus colds?

You can read more from our friends at The Blaze.

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