This Picture Should TERRIFY Joe Biden and The Democratic Party (VIDEO)

Our good friend Benny Johnson is at it again, this time showing a picture that should terrify President Joe Biden.

The image is from Real Clear Politics, and the image explains Joe Biden’s approval rating throughout his entire term. It gives their thoughts throughout, and it’s an aggregate, which is what makes it interesting.

This poll doesn’t lean right or left, but what Real Clear Politics do is combine the two, and because so many polling companies are on the left, this picture still leans to the left.

There are literally dozens of polls pushed together.

Nearly 50% of those polled now disapprove of Joe Biden, only 45% approve, its’ literally a Titanic Johnson says.

Johnson says this is an aggregate of “hundreds of liberal polls” that came together to show this insanity of how bad Joe Biden is tanking.

In the words of Barack Obama, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to F*** things up.”

WATCH the Video Below:

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kelly craigmiles
kelly craigmiles
11 months ago

does x mark the spot

11 months ago

Now you people see that you made the wrong gambling mistake. You continue allowing him and his administration to stay in office, this to include Harris and Pelosi, your political affiliation will be broke and never allowed to be electrical to any office. You should of left Trump in office. You wouldn’t of lost anything.