These Five Democrats That Voted for the Inflation Reduction Act May Have Voted Themselves Out of Office

On Friday, all Democrats voted for the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, resulting in the passage of the large social spending and taxing plan. But the problem now for some Democrats is the question about whether or not they will now be able to survive the midterms in November against their Republican opponents.

In particular, there are five House Democrats who are seeking reelection in municipalities that former President Donald Trump won in the presidential election of 2020. Those five that will be in the most competitive reelection races include Representatives Tom O’Halleran (AZ), Cindy Axne (IA), Jared Golden (ME), Matt Cartwright (PA) and Marcy Kaptur (OH).

Each of these five won their 2020 campaigns by razor-thin margins. With support for congressional Democrats and President Biden’s plummeting status, many are asking if their vote on the Inflation Reduction Act will be the ultimate blow to each of their reelection prospects.

Republicans say they are prepared and will run ads against all Democrats who supported the measure, arguing that it will lead to tax increases for middle-class families and condemning the money that will be used to recruit 87,000 more IRS officials over the next decade. In the months running up to the elections, any support for the bill is likely to be utilized in campaign attack commercials.

“Every Democrat who votes for this bill is kicking the middle class in the teeth with massive tax hikes and increased IRS harassment. It will cost them reelection,” Torunn Sinclair, spokesperson for the Republican National Congressional Committee, stated.

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