THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS: Elite Washington, D.C. Preschool Tells Parents ‘Male’ Teacher is Pregnant in Email

That’s right sports fans, it’s time to play you can be any gender you want and men can have babies again with the radical leftist buffoons teaching your children. An Elite Washington, D.C. preschool sent home a letter explaining that a male teacher has gotten pregnant and how to handle this discussion with your children.

First off, it’s a transgender female, it’s not a male. It’s a woman who’s pregnant, who claims to be a man. There are only two genders, and only females can have babies. Anyone telling you otherwise is a fraud and a liar, those are the facts. Our facts don’t care about your feelings, and we’re trusting the science.

The email reads “Pregnancy Announcement” and starts off my telling you that “you may have already noted Mr. Powell’s growing belly.” My first thought was, is Mr. Powell drinking a lot of Coors Light or Budweiser, because that always helps my belly grow before I got on a Carnivore diet. Laying off the heavy beers could probably help as well. Then I kept reading.

“Tristan is expecting a kiddo in mid-January.” Of course, you may have some questions about what that looks like for the Manatee Class, so we wanted to share some F.A.Q.s with you as well.”

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First off, as a father of two daughters who have been in preschool, men are now allowed to be teachers, that’s the rules, so it should have occurred to me by law, this wouldn’t have been allowed for a man to teach and be around all of these little girls and children, etc. I’m not sure of any state that allows this at preschools, hence why you don’t ever see it.

Then I realized, wait a damn minute, this is a chick, who is claiming to be a dude, who’s pregnant. Yet they’re trying to teach children that Men can get pregnant at this age, unbelievable.

I love how they put in this line.

“A pregnancy has been a hopeful plan for at least a decade, and Tristian is thrilled that it’s finally happening! Tristan will go by ‘Abba,” which is Hebrew for ‘dad,’ and uses the pronouns he/him.”

This is absolutely laughable and hysterical, like they’ve got some breakthrough and a dude is actually pregnant. YOU’RE A WOMAN… WITH A VAGINA… LYING TO CHILDREN AT A SCHOOL…. This has to stop America. It has to, this is ridiculous!

But wait, the ridiculous lies are about to get worse, and they’re trying to convince the parents to actually go along with this nonsensical bullish*t.

“Tristen uses the language of, ‘some boys have bodies that can have babies, and I have the kind of body that can have a baby, isn’t that cool?!’

No, it’s not cool, it’s a flat out lie, and you’re lying to children and teaching this in a preschool for the love of God? What in the hell is wrong with our society.

For older children, this is the statement from the female teacher claiming she’s a male who can have babies.

“I am a transgender, which means when I was born my grown-ups made a guess that I was a girl, but when I grew up I told everyone that I’m actually a boy.”

Here’s a biology lesson from a non biologist. If you have a vagina, you’re not a boy. If you have a penis, you’re not a girl. Thus ends the lesson.

We have to stop coddling these people and acting like this kind of behavior is normal. This is absurd, and it’s being taught to preschoolers like this is the norm. God Help Us All.

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