Therapist Says She Wont’ Hug Her Own Children Without Permission, Along With Other Things [VIDEO INSIDE]

A therapist joined the Today Show to share five things that she would never do with her own children, and folks as a parent this should scare the hell out of you. These things are certifiably insane, and it speaks to what’s truly wrong with America.

This therapist has been in practice for over two decades, according to Today, and she’s sharing her personal parenting rules. In a TikTok video of course, because why wouldn’t that be the best place to reach parents and children in America.

In a TikTok video, Jessica MacNair, who is a mo of two children ages 13 and 10, lists five things she’ll never do with her children.

“I teach the importance of bodily autonomy and advocating for themselves when they’re uncomfortable,” meaning she never goes in for a hug without her kids permission. What the hell? Oh, it gets better, keep reading.

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“I don’t comment on their bodies,” she continues. “We discuss the importance of physical exercise and nutrition and we just don’t talk about bodies.” She says she also doesn’t make remarks about her own body, either.

Now here’s one where we actually agree with her, she says she never discusses finances in the presence of her children. This I agree with, if you’re having financial troubles, your kids don’t need that stress on them, that should NEVER be their concern as children. So we’ve got 1 out of 3 so far.

“I don’t talk about how much money I make or where my money goes, that’s not for them to be concerned about,” she explains.

“I don’t compare my kids to each other or ask them for a change that’s more like their sibling,” MacNair says. Lastly, she doesn’t “reward or punish” with food.

Now some of the insane liberals were outraged she said she didn’t talk about finances, so she clarified it, and again, we still agree with her.

“A lot of people seemed to have a problem with that one,” she said. “What I meant was, I don’t talk about our mortgage or anything like that because it can have devastating results. For instance, if you’re talking about not having money for food, a kid might panic and go without eating. They have a tendency to internalize things.”

She also explains why she asks for permission for hugs.

“It’s the earliest version of teaching them consent,” she told TODAY. “Kids are not required to kiss and hug all their relatives. If it’s a genuine expression or feeling that they want to share, that’s on them to decide.” 

What are your takes America, would you ask your kids permission to give them a hug? Do you agree with not discussing your financial troubles with your children? Comment below.

You can watch her discuss this on video over at Today thanks to Today for contributing to this article.

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David Hernandez
David Hernandez
4 months ago

I think kids are pretty good at telling you when they don’t want a hug. Additionally, you are the PARENT, not a friend or some dude/dudette the kids are dating, so consent, while important, should not be taught that way. If your kids are getting obese, you have to point it out, not just off-handedly talk about the benefits of nutrition and excercise; also, if they have poor hygiene habits, not telling them they smell bad will only set them up for failure in the future. As far as the money goes, yup, it’s none of their business nor concern.… Read more »

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