The Staff Of Southwest Airlines Have Given Us The Template For Saving America

Many Americans have felt helpless as Big Government and Big Business tries to jam the COVID-19 injections into our arms whether we want it or not. However, the employees of Southwest Airlines didn’t show up to work in protest, causing millions of dollars of loss to their employer. This might be our template to fight back against this medical tyranny.

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The Left has gaslit the American people to believe that we are completely beholden to their every whim and wish. Throughout the past two years, we’ve seen them use every possible strategy at their disposal to manipulate and threaten us to bend the knee to the almighty elites. What’s going on with Southwest Airlines should be an encouragement, however, that we do have the power to fight back and should refuse to comply.

As we all know, the Biden Administration and Big Business is doing everything they can to get as many people vaccinated as possible. While it used to be bribery, now it’s blackmail. Southwest Airlines decided to demand that their employees get The Jab no matter what their doctor said. I mean, we all know that Southwest has medical training, right?

Southwest implemented a vaccine mandate for their employees, demanding that they comply this month. In response, many of their staff that work at the Jacksonville, Florida, airport went on strike. They did not show up to work over the weekend, which resulted in thousands of flights being cancelled. Instead of quitting or complying with the edicts, they decided to fight back and hit their employer where it hurts… in their bank accounts.

Because they are required to allow for religious exemptions, Southwest is making it very difficult to get approved for one. According to The DC Patriot’s reporting:

“According to the Southwest employee, regardless of what you do, it’s very rare for an exemption to be accepted. They even went as far as to explain to us there’s an online procedure where you have no choice but to check a box giving Southwest Airlines permission to talk to your healthcare provider. A complete and total violation of HIPPA.”

When people have a religious belief that abortion is immoral, yet they are trying to inject us with a substance derived from aborted babies’ tissue, a religious exemption is required, to say the least. Southwest is making it virtually impossible to get one.

This is where it’s incumbent upon us, the American people, to get strategic and push back against these unconstitutional mandates. The staff of Southwest Airlines have established the blueprint for us to follow. We must organize and act.

If your employer is demanding that you get vaccinated, find out who else in your company does not want The Jab. Organize together, have each others’ back and push back. If you must go on strike, do so. If you have to picket outside of your place of work, make it happen. 

The Left knows that they hold all the power over us because we rely on their for our livelihoods, our technology, our banks and virtually everything else. Let’s start letting them know that we don’t need them by shifting away our spending and reliance upon them. 

When it comes to your job, be as valuable to the company as possible so that they would hurt if you must go on strike or they fire you. Organize with fellow workers so that they’d really be in trouble if you couldn’t work. Give yourself the advantage and negotiate from a position of strength. This is all a part of Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal.

We’ve got to start getting smart and strategic. That’s exactly what Southwest’s employees are doing, and they are being effective. Let’s expand this to the rest of the freedom-loving Americans. It’s time we take action and let the elites know that we cannot be controlled. They do not have the authority to take away our constitutional rights. We will simply not give them that kind of power.


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