The Seth Rich Investigation – JUSTICE Part 6

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

On the second anniversary of the homicide of Seth Rich, still officially unsolved, Jack Burkman held a press event in DC with the promises of presenting a witness who would name key suspects. The Gateway Pundit ran their exclusive coverage with details of Jack’s latest developments–how he discovered a former NYPD detective and private investigator in addition to his witness who would present his story. You can read the article HERE.

You may or may not have noticed some key omissions in this piece. Read this similar article by I Love My and note the differences. LINK

The latter piece includes the key components for this new information–-the former NYPD detective and private investigator is a partner with America First Media and the witness Jack found is a witness who came to us months ago, providing us with intel which we have been vetting, and more critically, submitted to the federal government for official investigation.

If it were simply a matter of getting credit, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem. In the situation of this press event and the promises made by Burkman, it did create issues.

Those who have been following America First Media and this series in particular, know our goal at this time is not to sell anything to the media or make claims which would jeopardize anyone’s, including our own, safety. Our goal in this JUSTICE phase is to get our findings from the past two years, including this witness’ testimony and evidence, into the hands of a federal agency who will carry it forward, using their abilities to issue subpoenas, convene grand juries, make arrests, and so on.

People are creatures of habit–even the new media have adopted the status quo of the mainstream media–and Burkman attempted to package a product to feed into this paradigm. The problem is there is nothing normal about this case and it requires a different approach.

As readers of this series know, we have been trying to break through an apparent effort to suppress our findings. If you listened to our witness yesterday, you should now understand why we are having this problem.

Don’t get me wrong, the information our witness provided yesterday was incredible and he took great risks to release what he did. Viewers and media who were anticipating the promised status quo approach likely didn’t appreciate the value of the intel released. It was obvious some of the outlets in attendance were there solely to discredit the witness and have a hissy fit when specific names were not released.

It was never our intention to have Luke, our witness, give any names regardless of what Burkman had promised. I had tagged Jack, The Gateway Pundit, and the author, Alicia Powe saying as much–essentially reminding them of what they already knew which was we would dictate what was released based on the comfort of our witness, and they should have known to talk to Matt Couch if they had wanted to print an accurate article.

Even though Alicia and Jim Holt, the editor of the Gateway Pundit, know our group–-Ms. Powe had discussed the last oversight they ran, failing to disclose where intel had originated, it does come down to what Burkman had promised them. His attempts to present a narrative where he was responsible for any and all of the new intel without bothering to mention he has had no part of our investigation whatsoever was disingenuous at best and downright deceptive at worst. Perhaps the media and the Gateway Pundit should hold him accountable for the promises he made for the press event.

To clarify further before I move on, Jack knew we were having difficulty getting the attention of the proper authorities who would look at our findings legitimately and offered to arrange the press event in DC as our group is not centralized and none of us are based there. It could have dovetailed nicely with the second anniversary vigil. Matt Couch had planned to present our intel with our witness, but as our followers know, Matt fell ill and ended up in the hospital. Frank, who has no interest in being the public voice of the team, reluctantly agreed to fill in and did an excellent job. He only agreed to substitute for Matt because he wants justice in this case. That’s it. I cannot stress enough the appreciation the rest of the team has for his commitment to solving this case. His experience and credentials have been invaluable for the rest of us. Did I mention he made this trip on his own dime and own time?

When we have solid intel backed with the experience of people like Frank and Bill Pierce, each with over 20 years law enforcement and licensed investigative work, we aren’t looking for the media’s opinion on the intel’s credibility–-we are looking for the support of those media outlets who have claimed to want to see this case solved.

We are not in the business of convincing any one of the intel outside of the government insiders who know what we have. I read some critics of the style of this series and admittedly, it is unorthodox. I had to decide either not to write anything while we investigate, which I had done for several months, or develop a style which mixes cited facts, testimonial facts from witnesses while maintaining their anonymity, and some historical facts to attempt to explain this complex case.

For the time being, I have chosen to go with this style. Not unlike Frank and others on this team, I do this because I want to see this case solved. I don’t make money nor do I want any. Nobody has to read these articles or like my style. People can believe whatever they chose.

Q and A?

I wanted to address the seeming contradictions between what our witness had relayed and what Q Anon has said about Seth Rich and the involvement of MS–13.


First off, I do consider myself a follower of Q but I treat his/her/their information with the same dispassionate approach I take with any other source of intel. I do not treat any person or group as infallible. In Q’s own words, he/she/they have warned of the dangers of blindly following anyone. Good advice.

I had hinted there were possibilities which, in fact, could tie together our findings with what Q has stated–-there are several actually.

Keep in mind, our witness does not follow Q outside of what he sees other people post so he can only relay what he knows from his own interactions with the people involved.

He did release one tidbit which I don’t know if people caught but I was glad he did–-one of the people involved was deeply integrated with the MS–13 task force. The connection could be as simple as this with the cryptic methods Q uses to relay information, but he does appear to be more conclusive with these posts so let’s look at the other possibilities.

Q Anon post referencing MS-13 and Seth Rich
Q Anon post referencing MS-13 and Seth Rich


When I first read Q’s posts about MS–13 and (187), the standard intel code for murder, in relation to Seth, it concerned me not because I believed we had the wrong intel, but rather, the higher ups in the corruption had managed to fleece somebody. In fact, since I am not a 8Chan user, I had asked others to put the word out of our intel hoping he/she/they had all the same information which we had uncovered.

I believed it a legitimate concern especially since I knew our witness didn’t follow Q–I knew he was not, even subconsciously, trying to make a narrative fit which didn’t match what he knew to be true.

Another possibility–there is a step in between what our witness was told by the actors involved and the murder itself. Some researchers into the Seth Rich homicide will recall a very short lived MPD narrative of two dark skin individuals running from the scene. This version was scrubbed quickly. Was the plan originally to pin the murder on MS–13?

If it turns out Q is correct and he meant the claim literally, did the actors our witness references simply display twisted braggadocio, wanting to lay claim to a task they didn’t commit themselves yet felt impervious to being caught?

This all remains to be seen, but a difference in details from two sources in the case doesn’t come as any surprise There are gaps to be filled which may explain any, some, or all discrepancies.

As far as any anti-Q conspiracies go, it is simply not the case, and in honesty, I would love for an assortment of statements from various sources mirroring the same intel for the very reason people who like or believe one party over the other don’t automatically assume a counter-intel psyop when there is none.


Everyone, including our team, has different views on Q Anon, what he/she/they are doing, trying to achieve, and so on. Deep down, everyone wants everything Q posts and stands for to be true and accurate, and we pray it is. The message itself is one of unity and an end to corruption–certainly a goal worth striving towards. Even if I didn’t follow Q, albeit objectively, I certainly wouldn’t want to put forth any narratives to disrupt such an ideal.

To reiterate, it is also important to keep perspective and approach all intel with dispassion and objectivity. Investigating means following the facts first no matter where they lead.



Stay tuned for Part 7 of the Justice Series in the America First Media Group’s nearly two year long investigation into the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

The JUSTICE Series can be read on the America First Media site and the BullTruth magazine on Medium.

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PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 / PART 5

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