The AFM Seth Rich Investigation - Justice Part 2

The Seth Rich Investigation – Justice Part 2

Monday, May 28, 2018

Warning–the following article contains graphic descriptions to accurately represent the testimony of the witnesses. Some of the claims may be upsetting as they pertain to a real victim. Discretion is advised.

The two — at least two — men had been tracking the victim for several days prior to the night of July 9th, 2016. They had anticipated locating him at his apartment Saturday night, but after waiting several hours, the men grew impatient, split up, and went looking for him.

America First Media has been able to obtain the accounts of several witnesses offering details related to different times of the night and early morning of July 9th and 10th of 2016. By combining these details, we can piece together several scenarios which could explain the timing of what happened to Seth Conrad Rich on the last night of his life.

What lends credibility to each of the witnesses is how well their accounts, combined with known facts of the night, fit into a plausible scenario, or scenarios, with some details needing further verification.

What is not speculation is the willingness of witnesses to testify, confident in their accounts of the details related to the portion of the story they have contributed.

One fact not in dispute, there was a party which Seth had attended at 10:00pm as confirmed by former private investigator Rod Wheeler, Seth’s ex-girlfriend, and his brother. (Remember this fact as I will return to it later in this article.)

There has never been any corroboration this party was attended only by DNC IT workers as has been widely reported. There is, however, evidence to suggest this was more likely a birthday party for one of Seth’s friends.

Witnesses have also suggested the property where the party occurred may have been owned by one or more of the Awan family although this would require further investigation by an agency with the proper access to records.

Myth–Imran Awan was spotted at the bar with Seth Rich the night of the murder. This is still being reported despite the fact the person in the picture used to perpetuate this fallacy has been identified as Miguel Huerta, one of Seth’s friends from Omaha. The picture (below) was from a wedding in April of 2015 which Seth had posted on Facebook.

This is NOT Imran Awan
This is NOT Imran Awan


It is worth noting, early in our investigation, prior to the story of the Awan brothers and their questionable employment with the Democrats and some members of Congress came to light, we had explored Imran Awan’s Youtube channel which contained many videos showing properties in the DC area. It appears the brothers did own different properties, some of which were used to house employees of the DNC.

This Youtube account also contained links to many of the uh..strange and somewhat questionable kid’s channels (see Tosh O. and #ElsaGate for more details) which, at the time, became the bigger story thanks to my good friend Tracy Beanz.

Unfortunately, when the account drew public attention, it was not the strange but not illegal children’s videos which were scrubbed from the account, but the videos of the properties in DC.

Even though the Youtube channel was archived at the time, the archives do not save the removed videos. This would certainly be an area worth looking at by the intel community if they have (of course they do) the ability to recover these deleted videos.

As if to put a fine point on how unorganized the DC area property records are, an article was released by the Washington Post saying as much. (Alternate source) Interesting coincidence how this WaPo article surfaced only a few weeks after the property videos were scrubbed from Imran Awan’s Youtube channel.

The following audio clip is an excerpt from an interview with former private investigator Rod Wheeler, who could not be reached for additional clarification, albeit he likely would not have been able to comment further due to legal restrictions. Note–the female he is referring to in the clip is Seth’s ex-girlfriend Kelsey Mulka.

So what happened at the party?

The secrecy around this party, where it was hosted, who was in attendance, even the fact it has never been mentioned in any account of the time leading up to the murder, is more than a little suspect in itself.

The emphasis of the narrative has revolved around Lou’s City Bar since day one. The fact the Metropolitan Police mentioned the possibility of Seth having gone to another bar, The Wonderland Ballroom, suggests narrative leading. Essentially, look anywhere but the party he attended that night.

“It appears he was targeted,” said D.C. Police Captain Anthony Haythe. “He was shot multiple times.”

According to investigator George Webb, Joe Capone, former owner and general manager of Lou’s City Bar, changed his story regarding his whereabouts the night of the murder. Webb claims to have interviewed Capone, along with his lawyer, where he stated he was on holidays with his family the night of July 9th, 2016.

If true, this would be a direct contradiction to his earlier claims of having seen and spoken to Seth at his bar that night.

Setting aside the discrepancies of Capone’s story, for whatever reasons, it is important to somebody the public believe Seth spent the entire evening at Lou’s before an extended walk home prior to being murdered.

“He was a little bit sadder than usual,’ said Lou’s general manager Joe Capone. ’Problems between girlfriends and boyfriends. It was like always wondering what the next step is [in the relationship], and what you’re going to do next. There’s always those worries, and Seth was worried about that a little bit.” — Joe Capone

“He was here just by himself that night, and even asked him if he wanted to stick around and get a ride home,” said Capone. “He was like ’No, I’m going to go somewhere else and then I’ll go home.” — Joe Capone

Accounts given by witnesses may explain the secrecy behind the party. I will not be covering any motives in this article as we are going to continue on the path of how events played out.

The following is the account given to America First Media by someone claiming to have been present at the party.

Disclaimer —  We will not be confirming how much, or which parts, we have independently verified–-the goal of this Justice Series is to bring about a full and thorough investigation by law enforcement. Without the authority to subpoena, carry out warrants, or compel sworn testimony under threat of perjury, we can only continue to submit our findings and appeal to our supporters to demand action be taken.

Witnesses claim it appeared the party was being used as a front to lure Seth into a trap. Discussions of keeping Seth within eye sight at all times as he was coerced to drink beverages supplied to him were overheard.

Seth was observed refusing an offered drinks. When he had turned away, a person was seen quickly disposing of the cocktail, dumping it down the sink.

Witness interpretation was Seth had tried to nurse a beer he had obtained himself to avoid the offerings. One witness believed Seth had become suspicious of a concerted effort to potentially poison him.

People were observed following Seth into the hallway and waiting impatiently outside of the bathroom for him.

Speculation was Seth had suffered some effect of whatever drug was used as the evening progressed.

The account also describes a physical altercation Seth had become involved in before attempting to leave, offering excuses of needing to make phone calls.

It was around this time another person arrived at the party, *possibly the property owner, and suggested going back to Lou’s City Bar. Seth continued to object and was finally able to escape the party against efforts to keep him there.

*this person claimed to be the property owner according to witnesses.

Witness account goes on to say the person claiming to be the owner, made a call to an alleged off duty police officer and relayed the circumstances of Seth’s departure.

So why are these witness accounts worth consideration?

The claims of a partial poisoning attempt could explain the adamant denial of all FOIA requests for autopsy and toxicology reports.

Had Seth made his own way back to Lou’s after leaving the party, it might explain some of the early reports by staff saying Seth appeared severely intoxicated that night.

Recollections of Seth’s habits with alcohol vary from being a sipper, known to nurse one or two drinks over the course of an entire evening to being able to throw back many beer in an evening at Lou’s. What was consistent according to staff and patrons alike, it was not like Seth to appear intoxicated.

“It was rare for him to really show that he had been drinking,’ said Warren. ’That was unusual for him. That was very, very unusual for him to do that.” –Bernard Warren, manager working the night of July 9th, 2016.

When it comes to narrative control, there is no publication like the Washington Post. They are always ready to package a timeline for any event where an official story is needed to discredit any questioning of an official narrative.

Fair enough, let’s look at their timeline:

On July 9 — less than a month after news of the DNC hack had broken — Seth Rich sat at his usual spot in Lou’s. It was Saturday night, and his girlfriend was out of town. He was alone, but not really.

They continue with a personal touch, discussing how Seth had become quite familiar with staff, and how they knew exactly how to prepare his dipping sauce for his regular orders of chicken wings due to his lactose intolerance, and so on.

Remember, Seth had gone to the party at 10:00pm so this WaPo timeline, if accurate, would be referencing the period of time from whenever Seth left the party, made his way to Lou’s, and closing time at 1:30am.

“He was having some problems with his girlfriend,” Capone said. “Mostly about moving away and seeing if they could survive it. He was upset. He loved her.”

Another quote from Joe Capone who may or may not have been present at the time Seth would have been at Lou’s.

Why not release the phone records?

It is impossible to overstate how important the phone records for Seth’s phone calls are in this investigation. Seeing as every attempt to obtain any official reports through the FOIA process have been denied, the only portion of the official narrative dictating the timeline of events is Joel Rich’s account of Seth’s phone calls as told to him.

Finally, these accounts dovetail nicely into some upcoming, and completely unrelated, witness accounts of what allegedly took place after the party including the potential involvement of an off duty law enforcement officer.


The two, at least two, men had been tracking the victim for several days prior to the night of July 9th, 2016. They had anticipated locating him at his apartment that Saturday night, but after waiting several hours, the men grew impatient, split up, and went looking for him.


Did Seth go back to Lou’s after the party because he didn’t want to go to his apartment? If he narrowly escaped being drugged, did he avoid going back to his apartment as long as he possibly could?

He could have accepted the ride allegedly offered him and been home within minutes of Lou’s closing. Instead, he chose to wander the streets for another two and a half hours, calling people, before finally ending up close to his apartment at 4:19am, if we are to believe he was still on the phone with his ex-girlfriend as is claimed.

Did he notice the two men following him as he got closer to home? Who were these men who had been waiting at his apartment earlier in the evening, and did they receive a call from the person claiming to own the party property? Was this call recorded also?

The MPD admitted to having a grainy, low quality surveillance video showing the two men, or at least their legs, which is in keeping with what our witnesses have said regarding the two men. This tape has since disappeared along with all of the body cam footage from the officers who first arrived at the scene.

Why would the police officer’s body cam videos be adamantly denied in FOIA requests prior to disappearing? What could they have shown if they only captured the scene after the shooting?

The obvious answer would be the cameras may have caught Seth giving details of his own shooting, which could have been very beneficial to the case.

These videos all disappeared from MPD’s files, going against their own policies requiring a minimum retention of 65 years in a homicide yet this was not even considered concerning by…well, anybody.


A problem many criminals have is keeping their own secrets. The temptation to talk to friends, even bragging, has been the demise of many perpetrators who believed they were in the clear. Often, the belief friends would never say anything is misguided.


I will leave you with something to think about before I end this piece–-two of the phone calls Seth made that night, according to the family’s account, were to his father. Both calls went unanswered as his father was sleeping and it would have been quite late.

If you were in trouble, wandering the streets, believing someone might still be following you, who might you call, even late on a Saturday night?



Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Justice Series in the America First Media Group’s nearly two year long investigation into the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

You can read Part 1 HERE.

 We need your help to share this information. We need the House Intel Committee, or their referral to an appropriate agency, to commit to finishing this investigation and bringing #Justice4SethRich.

Use the below link to send a tagged Twitter message to Chairman Devin Nunes and

2018-05-29 at 8.58 AM

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We need the information in this article to reach as many people as possible and force the proper agencies to follow up and finally bring #Justice4SethRich.

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