The Pfizer Vaccine Wasn’t FDA Approved…the Media is Just Claiming It Is

The fervor in which our government and media have been pushing this untested, experimental gene therapy on the populous is as suspicious as it is concerning. But now they have the battle cry of its “FDA approved” so it’s completely safe! Oh is it? While the media ran with the story that the Pfizer show was “FDA approved” ….the truth is that it’s not. They never had a public forum to discuss the myriad of side effects and death, nor comple the stage 3 trials required for approval per the FDA’s own perimeters. What the FDA did “approve” however, was the license application for an unavailable, renamed version of the Pfizer vaccine called “Comirnaty.” You see, if the FDA had actually approved the Pfizer shot like the media is claiming, then all the other vaccines would lose their “emergency use status” immediately and would have to pulled per the FDA’s own guidelines. Instead they’ve created some weird legal limbo so they can continue to unroll these shots out under the extended emergency use they just gave it, without fear of being sued for killing or injuring people. Truth is if the Pfizer shot doesn’t receive proper “full FDA approval” by Sept 30, countries across the globe can get out of their predatory contact with Pfizer as it’s the ONLY they legally can. We’ll see if they get legally challenged then, meanwhile I suspect they’ll go into overtime trying to see how many people they can inject before that time is up.

So as you see, it’s important to present the optic that it’s “approved” so corrupt officials can push forced vaccinations without actually being approved. What they did instead was extend the emergency use for them, and claim the mythical Comirnaty was approved thus creating this weird loophole that the media is purposely glossing over. The American people should be livid, but if they get their news from TV or social media they’ll never actually know the difference.

If that seems shady AF, that’s because the FDA couldn’t be in bed deeper with Big Pharma if they tried, literally:

What started off as flippant flagging and post suppression, has turned into a full on censorship war against ANYONE speaking out about the safety of these covid vaccines or mention of all the debilitating side effects and deaths. Fake “fact checkers” shamelessly spin words to deem everything about it “safe” while ignoring the complete lack of long term studies and VAERS reports of injuries and deaths. Every media station including FOX is pimping this vaccine out, while ignoring anything to do with natural immunity or the fact it doesn’t even seem to be stopping people from getting covid.

Homeland Security even went as far as to come out with a bulletin declaring anyone that so much as questioned the not-based-on-science covid methods the government is making about forced vaccinations and mandatory masks as “domestic terrorists” now. Six of my friends (mostly other reporters and bloggers) are already flagged and on that TSA “list.”

I was just suspended off Facebook myself for pointing out that the new Homeland Security Bill wanted to mandate vaccines for covid…..and “other purposes.” What other purpose would there be to taking this vaccine, and why aren’t we even allowed to ask?

Rand Paul grilled Fauci in Congress as to why he illegally signed off on the funding to create a killer human virus using our own tax money, with a foreign enemy like China….and all Fauci could do was deny and deflect. (If you look it up, fact checkers will claim there’s “no proof” of that “gain of function” research, but Fauci’s own emails 100% show that’s exactly what it was.) Why isn’t this guy in Gitmo as we speak? Why are we still taking his contaminated advice and bowing to China….that literally just tried to kill and control everybody in the world? Could it have something to do with the $1 BILLION dollars China gave Biden’s crackhead son to start his own “investment fund” …because you know, he’s such a business genius and all?

What exactly is in this vaccine that they want everyone to risk taking it….whether they’re children, pregnant, have natural immunity, or religious or consciousness objection or not? Why is the news and all these social media “fact checkers” deeming it “safe” when it’s injured and killed more people than all the other vaccines in the last 2 decades combined…

20 service members died of covid in all of 2020 (or the flu, who knows because the CDC quietly admitted the tests can’t tell the difference) but you want to risk their lives taking this vaccine with unknown side effects? It was only 20 years ago our own government and these same companies injured our Gulf War troops with the failed Anthrax vaccine….which by the way, guess who makes? The exact same company and people that’s making AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine right now.

How do they get away with it? Simple, the media is playing defense. Remember on election night when Tucker Carlson tried to say that the media was going to try to decide who became President….and sure enough they called the most suspicious election of our lives the “most secure” and censored everything and everyone to the obvious contrary? Well that’s what they’re doing now.

Given the fact that these vaccines come with an ingredient booklet full of blank pages….what the hell’s really in it? Well, if you turn off the TV, get off Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and start digging elsewhere like on GAB or Telegram, you’ll find endless amounts of videos and articles of doctors emphatically speaking out against the vaccine. Did you know that if someone takes the shot and dies the next day, that the CDC doesn’t even consider it a vaccine death? In fact, they don’t consider anyone that dies within two weeks of getting the vaccine as a “vaccine death” because they’re claiming it “hasn’t had a chance to work yet.” Imagine how many more injuries and deaths are not being counted by the CDC because of their skewed, deceptive perimeters:

So if you had to pick between the bullshit the CDC doctors are telling you, and what specialists in their field have to say that are actively examine blood samples and autopsies of the vaccinated….I’d go with the doctors not on Big Pharma’s payroll.

First, the most obviously toxic thing wrong with these vaccines are the spike proteins themselves. Very few autopsies are being done on people that have died after the shot, which is honestly pretty suspicious within itself. Watch this doctor at the White Coat Summit explain how he found toxic spike proteins in every organ of a deceased vaccinated individual: and you tell me this vaccine isn’t designed to weaken people’s bodies and immune systems to keep them sick and needing “boosters.” Doctors are already seeing influxes of normally rare, debilitating autoimmune diseases like Guille-Barre (which is what the swine flu vaccine was pulled for after 500 cases and 32 deaths.) Watch this video below and tell me what they did in 1976 doesn’t sound completely familiar:

Now comes the scarier part of this vaccine….what the hell is graphene oxide doing in it? While “fact checkers” deny it away as a “conspiracy theory” truth is that it’s showing up in blood slide samples, as explained by a doctor and former Pfizer employee in this video here: If you still need more proof than that, how about the fact that 1.6 million doses of Moderna was recalled in Japan this week because metallic, magnetic particles were found in the vials.

That would explain all the self-magnetism people have been experiencing at their injection sites. That’s no “conspiracy theory” either…aside from the endless amount of TikTok videos of people experiencing magnetism after their shot, it’s been reported on VAERS itself as well as people I personally know or have met. Watch this horrifying video of someone who was magnetized and originally thought it was funny, and is now experiencing horrendous and paralyzing side effects:

So what exactly does graphene oxide do and why would the hell would they put it in a vaccine? That’s where the actual “conspiracy theories” come in, because unless some secret document gets released….we honestly don’t know. Speaking of which, interesting testimony did come out of a town hall in Barbados where a man with a background in nuclear biology and chemical weapons claimed to have gotten a hold of documents from Pfizer that reveal that graphene oxide is indeed in the vaccine and goes off not only on that fact….but the fact he also believes everything he’s looking at that it’s a bioweapon virus/vaccine combo that Big Pharma and China have been working on for 20 years. You can watch that here:

What we do know about graphene is that it’s a super conductor, can be manipulated by using frequencies, and can be strung together or made into a sheet as microscopically thin as single atom. You can learn all about the weird stuff it’s “good for” here in this video from 2 years ago before covid even happened here: In that video you’ll notice the EU (which no one should trust) spent $1.3 BILLION dollars over 8 years ago to research graphene for things like “electronics” and “health” ….it can even keep track of your vitals and report all your personal data. Yay! I mean, what could go wrong?!

What’s also interesting is that it’s temperature sensitive….hmmmm, have they ever explained yet “why” these vaccines have to be stored at super cold temperatures? Graphene oxide vaccines are nothing new either, they’ve been experimenting with them for years already.

Another possible explanation has to do with a study that was done using a similar magnetic metal substance to control the behavior of mice, by using frequencies to aggravate the metal nanoparticles in their brains to release dopamine….and it actually worked. Temporary anyway, this is what it ended up doing to the rat’s internal organs:

Sound crazily irresponsible and dangerous? Keep in mind these are the same kind of scientists that have no problem manipulating a bat virus with the goal to kill and control people across the globe. The government’s actually been doing something similar for decades manipulating the weather by dumping aluminum nanoparticles into the sky using airplanes and frequencies that will cause them to heat up the air using 5G (ah, now you know why Trump didn’t want China in charge of our grid.) Look…not every plane in the sky is a “chemtrail” but these experiments did occur, still occur, and scientists have gone up in planes to collect data and everything to prove it has happened multiple times already. They even made a very interesting full length documentary 10 years ago (before all this) that you can watch right here:

I don’t know whether graphene oxide was put in there to gather biometric data, track people, or to control a population to obey or get microwaved from the inside out by weirdo billionaires and economy destroying globalists who already think there are too many people on the planet. All I do know is that it’s the most dishonest, clandestine, evil plot that I’ve ever seen unfold before my eyes, and it’s being pushed by people that have already stated they a need to cut down on the world’s population radically and “dramatically.” Bill Gates is all about vaccines being used to sterilize people, and now him and Soros just bought out all the testing. Black Rock/Vanguard owns not only every single covid vaccine manufacturer out there but most of our media and top level government officials needed to blitz it out as fast as they could before people realized all the debilitating side effects and that it doesn’t even stop covid. I think Trump rushed them to make a vaccine not knowing at the time it was Fauci, China, and Big Pharma that was behind the making it in the first place. Since they didn’t know which one would work they threw out multiple brands and versions to test on the public (like I said they’re all owned by Black Rock so it really doesn’t matter which one “wins.”) Now since the wool’s come off people’s eyes….the corrupt powers that be intend to amp up the censorship, use people’s jobs and corporations to force vaccinate them, all the while punitively going after anyone that tries to speak out by labeling them as “domestic terrorists.” Think about this, if covid is so deadly…why hasn’t our homeless population been decimated? Why aren’t they lining them up for shots, or the illegals at the border, or these Afghan refugees they’ve got coming in? But they want our doctors, nurses, pilots, and military to get them? Hmmm, if you wanted to take down a country…wouldn’t you start with the most integral occupations first? If these legislators are truly doing this for our own good and “public safety” ….then why don’t they follow their own mandates? Gavin Newsom, Obama, Pelosi….they all throw ritzy, maskless parties and get-togethers….but the rest of us plebes better stay muzzled while we fetch them a drink.

So why does the media and this administration want you to take it so bad without question? Simple, I think we are under attack…we are at war with China and most people don’t even know it. This virus was created to destroy and control our country….and any other country who’s economy and freedom was in competition with them like Australia, the UK, or Canada. Think about it, covid was the “excuse” to take away our rights, destroy our jobs and economies, and get us used to being compliant to the no questions asked subservience needed for globalization and socialism. They’re open about their plans too, you can read about the “Great Reset” and “Agenda 21” for yourself….they don’t believe we’re responsible enough to take care of ourselves or the planet. Clearly the problem isn’t China dumping plastic into their rivers, Japan leeching radiation into the sea, or barges of oil belching filth in the air when we have oil here….no, clearly the problem is me and my straw. They also couldn’t have us figuring out what the hell they were doing, so they forced us to wear masks that don’t work absolutely everywhere, avoid seeing and talking to each other at social gatherings, and massively censoring everything online in between. They only wear masks when the cameras are on, but us peasants must wear them for eternity because “we’re all in this together” you know.

Good news/bad news….I don’t think there’s not much you can do about the spike proteins, it’s looking like they’re designed to make you sick and keep you sick by needing “boosters” because your immune system is going to be fighting with itself if anything. Biden’s already claiming we’re going to need up to 5 right now. You can only not get your second shot at this point, or not get any of the boosters and try to stay as healthy as possible until we figure out what the hell is really going on with these things and how to fix it. Theoretically though, there should be ways to clean this metal out of your blood mostly because it’s heavily magnetic and therapies already exist to filter out blood issues….but I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to pretend to be. I’m just a research journalist trying to offer possible solutions in a world that’s censoring everything. The other thing you have to worry about is our food supply. Bill Gates is the largest farm owner in this country now and China’s not far behind….forgive me if I don’t trust the country currently trying to kill us and the guy that thinks there’s too many people on the planet with the safety of my food. Videos are already popping up of people finding their meat or coffee magnetized.

Buckle up buttercups, these people are monsters and it’s only going to get worse from here as they panic. They might have control of the government…but we still have the numbers, and it outright terrifies them. They have stripped us of our freedom, indoctrinated our children with hate, poisoned our bodies, and unashamedly stole an entire election to make it all happen. I don’t want you to believe anything I’ve just said either, I want you to research it all for yourself preferably on anything but Google. At least watch the links I posted, and come to your own conclusions. All we can do as Americans at this point is to ignore the divisiveness and hate the media wants us to have toward eachother…and look toward the real enemy that would gladly enslave us all. After Trump had made it illegal, Biden put Huwei, a Chinese military intelligence company in charge of making our chips….they don’t even have to hack anything anymore, because they’ll already have access to it. They didn’t have send over missiles and bombs….we were bought out. Our land, our companies, our politicians, our federal agencies….nothing the Biden administration has done has actually helped Americans. We’ve been completely taken over, and most people haven’t realized it yet because social media and the media run defense to it all. I hope this country wakes up in time, when people ask how you “let” the Holocaust happen….it doesn’t happen overnight. It seeps in slowly while every bit of information is controlled, and the only thing people here and see is the propaganda they want you to. This new measure where Congress wants access to our private messages and texts across the board is where we as Americans must hold the line. The FBI has already reluctantly admitted there was no real planned “insurrection” on January 6th, and they’ve been dropping cases because they know they either can’t prove it….or they’d have to show the 14k hours of security footage of cops letting people in if it goes to trial. As someone who was there and got my own FBI visit for it…let me tell you, January 6th was hyped out of proportion to 1) blame Trump 2) prevent another massive protest against an insanely corrupt congress and election and 3) have an “excuse” not to do the audit that half a million people showed up there to demand. Speaking of, Maricopa County has done everything in the world to hold the most transparent, complete (minus the routers they illegally refuse to hand over for obvious reason) forensic election ever. They have to, because they know the scrutiny it will be under and the importance of proving it. Don’t take the vaccine no matter what they do, don’t patronize places that demand vaccine passports, call their bluff and force your job to fire you and watch them come begging back, go to every town hall meeting your county has, protest like crazy, and demand an audit of all 50 states! It’s the only way we can save this country through legislation and not through civil war at this point, I truly believe we can do it if we stand together. HOLD THE LINE PATRIOTS🇺🇸

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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Michael Sterling
Michael Sterling
1 year ago

So if neither party gives written notification after yesterday then it can continue indefinitely? Sounds like the plan. Just ignore it in the news and continue to jab.


[…] The Pfizer Vaccine Wasn’t FDA Approved…the Media is Just Claiming It Is The fervor in which our government and media have been pushing this untested, experimental gene therapy on the populous is as suspicious as it is concerning. […]