The Libertarian Party 2.0: The Mises Caucus Takeover

It’s become obvious to most at this point, that the Democrats are out of their damn minds. Between the nonsensical insanity of the whole plandemic, their constant push to want to talk to little kids that aren’t theirs about sex, their hypocritical actions of calling for violence while condemning anyone that disagrees with them as “fascists” and their constant cries to repeal individual liberties and freedom for the greater good AKA their destructive socialist policies….but I don’t see the GOP doing too much to stop them, and why should they? It’s becoming clear to everyone that politicians in DC neither represent nor work for the American people…they work for whoever donates the most to their campaigns and got them into their position of power in the first place. The two establishment parties are simply playing good cop/bad cop and taking turns steering the wheel of the sinking ship that is currently our country, while pilfering as much as humanly possible from increasingly stressed out and unhappy tax payers. That $40 billion dollars of our tax money Congress just sent to Ukraine instead of helping Americans…will all go right back into their pockets, one corrupt money laundering scheme, NGO, or another.

The media plays referee between the parties and always makes it seem like there are only ever two diametrically opposed viewpoints to pick from, and nothing in the middle or something completely different altogether. Anything that goes against their narrative will be stamped as “misinformation” by websites they all own and control, and then promptly shadowbanned and pushed off newsfeeds so most people will never know the difference. Reformation within the establishment parties is near impossible at this point, as corruption at this level only continues to further cement itself in over time. At the end of the day, Kevin McCarthy is no different than Pelosi, as ultimately they all answer to the central banking system, mega corporations, foreign interests, and the industrial complexes that control them.

That’s what always brings about calls for the need of a third party, but third party candidates always fail at the top level because the two party system is such an unbelievable behemoth of government and media controlled power. But dare I say, if ever there was a time for a third party revolution to break up this broken system, then that time is now while most Americans are overwhelmingly disgusted at the system. While a third party presidential win might still be far off…the ability to take over local and state offices to build stronger, more sovereign independent states is a possibility that grows each day as the masses continue to wake up to the truth about our government.

While our country was perpetually distracted by the constant battling between the fake news media and Trump…a new movement had been sweeping through the Libertarian party. Disappointed in the missed opportunity for the party to stand up and fight against all the unconstitutional mandates, lockdowns, and general loss of freedom…the Mises Caucus was rising above the ranks to better organize, motivate, and strengthen the entire Libertarian party movement. State by state, Mises takeovers occurred across the country, including here in Nevada. Last month, I was able to witness Mises Caucus members sweep every single office at the national convention in Reno, much to the reeeeeee of the woke people they were taking it over from. They even managed to pass a vote to remove woke language and completely removed the previously pro-choice leaning abortion plank completely off the party’s platform.

There were as I mentioned, those within the party who opposed this takeover, but they (albeit loud and annoying) were ultimately the minority. They seemed to prefer the party to remain as some sort of private book club, that does nothing and goes nowhere. Some of these members have left since, but most seem satisfied to just linger around Facebook to complain about….well, everything. Honestly, I think that’s just what they like to do.

So what makes the Mises caucus different from what the party was focusing on before?

Per Wikipedia:

• Support private property rights and reject socialism.

• Supports the Austrian School of economics.

• Rejects mainstream monetary policies, such as central banking and state-issued currency. (End the Fed.)

• Supports decentralization, including secession and localism, “all the way down to the individual.”

• Supports non-interventionist foreign policy and opposition to war.

• Rejects identity politics as “weaponized tribal collectivism that is antithetical to individualism.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the caucus strongly opposed lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine passports and vaccine mandates. The Mises Caucus also criticized the wider party for being silent and “not taking a stand.”

So for the most part, not too different from how most people think on the topics that matter, followed by a couple of different approaches to things which I’ve honestly warmed up about over time. The beauty about the Libertarian party with its emphasis on individualism, is the ability to agree to disagree…unlike the crucifixion that occurs anytime someone in the DNC or GOP steps out of their lane.

This year Nevada is putting forth more Libertarian candidates then ever before, yours truly included. Not only that, but many of us have been able to cross over party lines to work with anti-establishment Republican refugees, independents, and non-partisans as a team against all the corrupt candidates currently being propped up by the establishment. (The DNC in Nevada was completely taken over by socialists a few years back, so I’m sure they’ll be some classic liberals jumping ship soon as well.) The Republican Chamber of Commerce which is made up of local small business owners, even chose to nominate and recommend several Libertarian candidates for their anti-tax and regulation platforms over the establishment “RINOS” they are actively running against. Pro-constitutional sites like Patriot 911 are even recommending Libertarians over Republicans in several key races as well. I think it’s a great sign that people are starting to think outside the political box for perhaps the first time in a long time.

Now whether you want to believe in election fraud or not, I can tell you from personal experience that it is beyond rampant and blatant in Nevada. We were one of the contested “battleground states” that mysteriously stopped counting without explanation election night, only to resume in private when people were sent home and with a completely different result. I don’t care who you are, that is not how transparent, valid elections are supposed to be held. I lived it, I reported on it, and I lost my 250k + Twitter account for posting proof about it.

There’s no accountability within the state of Nevada, as the fraud is at the highest level here and these officials aren’t exactly going to investigate themselves and arrest themselves. Even our known to be riggable Dominion voting machines are “approved” by a gaming board committee entirely appointed by the Governor himself, Nevada is not voting our way out of this fraud. All we can do at this point, is to have candidates that have so much overwhelmingly visible support over their opponents…that a loss would *have* to be legally challenged and fully audited for explanation. This is where I think third party Libertarian candidates can shine in their general appeal, their fairness, their unwaveringly defense of individual and personal property rights, and as members of the only party that *actually* wants to strip down this out of control illegitimate government back down to the bones.
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