The Left is Openly Pushing for Pedophylia and Social Media is Protecting Them

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As you might know, I do a lot of exposing pedophiles online. I’m not talking about people in hiding or creepers lurking in chat rooms…I’m talking about actual people openly defending pedophiles, pushing for pedophile rights, and actively promoting pedophylia as a “sexual orientation.”

I am not kidding.

How do they get away with it, you ask? Because unless you are a pedo yourself you wouldn’t be looking for it, or know what to look for in the first place. A lot of times it’s someone stumbling on it by accident and forwarding it to me. A lot of pro-pedophylia accounts have preemptively blocked me because I’ve done so many articles and interviews outing them, so your help and leads do help monumentally.

They use secret symbols and words to spot each other, to avoid what they call “antis” ….that’s what pedos call normal people, as in we’re “anti-pedophylia.”

They refer to themselves as “MAPS” or “NOMAPS” which is a degenerate synonym for “minor attracted person.” NOMAPS doesn’t mean that they’re against MAPS either, it means they believe pedophylia is “OK” as long as there is “no contact” which is a set up for surefire failure if the stigma attached to pedophylia is removed like they so much want.

What kind of garbage human being would openly promote this degenerate garbage?

Pedos, and friends of pedos (that if I were a betting person are just pedos that just haven’t come out of the closet, or haven’t been caught yet.)

Most of them use fake accounts with pictures of cartoons, animals, and anime. But some are dumb enough to tweet from their real accounts….something I’m sure they’re about to regret as this article gets published and breaks their echo chambers.

I was sent a thread on Twitter yesterday, where two posts in particular stood out on.

Did she seriously just use Jesus to defend pedophylia? Oh you best believe I had something to say about it. Turns out this Self-proclaimed feminist Twitter verified account is a columnist for the Bay City Beacon.

People were quick to remind her exactly what Jesus would do to pedophiles…it involves a millstone around their neck and a drop in the ocean.

Apparently Jesus was also gangsta AF.

What makes it even worse was that this POS was responding to this tweet….

If you don’t know what those other “philes” are it’s all the different age ranges that pedos are specifically attracted to. Nepiophile means they’re attracted to toddlers and…TODDLERS AND BABIES! And this woman just wished them a Merry Christmas.

I want you to notice something….

This isn’t just a couple of crazy idiots, over 100 people “liked” this post…and 36 “liked” the other one. What kind of people would support and “like” pro-pedophylia posts?

Let’s take a look….

Most of them as I said are anonymous cartoon character accounts that identify as “MAPS” which as I previously mentioned means “minor attracted person.”

Some were bold enough to use their real accounts though.

A columnist for the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

And this guy that works for Slate, because of course.

Another thing that’s impossible not to notice as you go down the list of likes on those two posts…is that almost all of them are raging leftists accounts. You can tell by the pronouns in the bio and the mental illness present all over their profiles.

If the ZooSexual part wasn’t grotesque enough they also added NecroZoophile which means they’re attracted to and want to have sex with DEAD animals.

I don’t know what a teleiophile is and I seriously don’t want to Google it.

Oh, a defense attorney? Why do I get a feeling he’ll be defending himself sometime soon?

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at these profiles. It’s not that there aren’t pedophiles and perverts on the right… they’re just not empowered or dumb enough to shout it from the rooftops with pride.

Except for this one guy….

Probably a fake cover account anyway.

There were a few anonymous groyper troll accounts that liked it…but those are people that are so fringe Right that they hate normal conservatives and behave more like leftists than anything.

I hate to say this, but this is actually where it gets worse.

This broad….Sheila Van Den Heuval-Collins.

She didn’t just post one off-color pro-pedophile tweet…it’s literally all she does 24/7.

She’s damn near their number one fan.

(Dear FBI, please look into this woman’s hard drive.)

She also runs a foundation called “Prostasia.”

A “child protecting organization” aimed at removing the social stigma of pedophylia.

Holy shit.

They even have a cute little cartoon mascot and their very own special symbol so you can spot other people interested in pedophylia. Yay!

The only reason you would ever buy or wear this tie is to make yourself visible to other pedophiles familiar with the symbol….I think you know why.

They are actively pushing for removing laws that will benefit pedophiles.

And the ban on animated child porn and art…which often features extreme violence and rape.

They also push for not reporting images people find of it and to not harass the sickos that posted it in the first place.

It’s not just her running it either, there’s also this disgusting gem right here…

She’s a child care specialist…tell me that isn’t terrifying as hell.

By the way, the followers of my page mass reported this pedo bullshit to Facebook…and Facebook came back and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Facebook has time to harass, censor, and ban conservatives because leftist Zuck doesn’t like our opinions….but a pro-pedo page “isn’t” against Facebook’s terms of service.

What. The. Fuck.

This has nothing to do with LGBT rights which this movement constantly tries to cling to. These are degenerate leftists whose only goal is to normalize pedophylia for themselves. They have gone too far and we just can’t let them do this anymore. Report all MAPS and NOMAPS and every pro-pedophylia post you can find.


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