The Hodge Twins Respond to Andrew Tate’s Arrest (VIDEO) ‘I Don’t Believe That Stuff’

The Hodge Twins responded to the insane arrest of influencer and podcaster Andrew Tate this past week after Tate went after liberal golden girl Greta Thunberg.

Tate is accused of insanity after he’s been challenging the elites on climate change, among many other issues. They can’t shut him up, so here come the allegations.

Keith: “Andrew Tate was arrested with his brother on charges of human trafficking.”

Kevin: “I don’t believe that stuff.”

Keith: “Let me state the obvious here…Epstein, all those people associated with him have not been made public but here we got Andrew Tate getting arrested for Human trafficking in Romania.”

Kevin: “Just cause you come off misogynistic doesn’t mean you’re trafficking women. It don’t make sense man. Him being cancelled and now arrested…it’s not a coincidence.” 

Keith: “I expect here in a couple days he going to be released.”

Kevin: “This story doesn’t make sense to me.”

Keith: “I don’t know if he’s guilty or not but he looks guilty as hell in the video. Look at this video.”


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