The GREATEST School Board Speech You Will EVER HEAR as Matt Walsh Destroys Masks for Children Narrative

This is no doubt the greatest school board speech you are every going to see that totally destroys the narrative of children wearing masks in schools. This obliterated the narrative, and should be shared far and wide.

Conservative writer, author and commentator Matt Walsh spoke at a recent Nashville School Board gathering and issued a scathing rebuke of their child mask policy.

“You in the school board have decided that our kids should go to school all day every day wearing muzzles like rabid dogs,” Walsh began. “I have listened to your arguments and I’ve noticed that they’re missing a few things, namely evidence, data, science, common sense and basic human decency,” he argued. “You presented no facts at all, so let me do that now,” the Daily Wire host added before rattling off a series of statistics about COVID and children.

“COVID poses almost no risk to our kids at all,” Walsh asserted. “4.2 million children have tested positive for COVID, a total of o.oo8% (334) of them have died.”

Walsh went on to point out that 480 kids died of the flu in the 2018-2019 season. “That’s more that have died from COVID in a year and a half. Now, did anyone on this board suggest at any point that year that kids wear masks? Did anyone in this room suggest, at any point, anyone wear masks for flu? Which again, is more dangerous, to kids, than COVID – that’s a fact.”

In his wide-ranging comments, Walsh also asked the board if they’ve considered the psychological damage they are doing to children by “teaching them that the air is toxic, that everyone around them is sick.”

“You do it to make yourselves feel better and to protect yourselves politically. The child’s mask is a symbolic security blanket for you, not them. It’s a disgrace and you should all be ashamed. Thank you for your time,” he concluded to a round of cheers. 

Thanks to our friends at Faithwire for contributing to this article.

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