The Five Mistakes You Make Each Morning That Will Ruin Your Day

We all have those habits that we have trouble breaking in our morning routines, but what are those habits that are truly ruining our day? Let’s dive into this and discuss it a little deeper, and as always here at The DC Patriot, we’d love your feedback.

“There is a little bit of a misconception out there that I was born a morning person. I definitely was not,” Plosser, the editor-in-chief of Women’s Healthand author of “Own Your Morning,” shared with Travel + Leisure.

“I’m with all the people who are struggling to get out of bed,” continued Plosser. “But, I have learned over time — and mostly since I graduated from college and started in the working world — that morning hours are the hours I can control. Once I started taking control of them and doing things that really fired me up, it made my entire day, week, month, and life better.”

According to Plosser, it’s well within your power to take back the first few moments of your day, and there are lots of cool tricks (with science to back them up) to do so. Keep reading to learn five mistakes that may make your mornings more difficult — and what you should be doing in those first few moments your eyes flutter open instead.

Hitting the Snooze button.

You all know what we’re talking about, hitting that thing over and over until you finally look at the time and realize “oh shit, I have to get up.”

“I want everybody to know this: This is not about you having to wake up at 5:00 a.m. It’s truly not. It’s about making the most of the morning, whenever it feels right,” Plosser said.

“I used to set my alarm 30 minutes before I needed to really wake up knowing I was going to snooze it three times. It was so enlightening to learn through reporting this book, talking to scientists, and looking at the research that doing so is not doing us any favors,” Plosser said, pointing to the fact that the latter half of sleep is where humans experience the most REM sleep, which is the most restorative.

“Please don’t break it up with needlessly snoozing because you’re not getting anything out of it once you’re up. What would be better is being realistic about what time you want to get up in the first place.”

Picking the Wrong Alarm

Getting up to a harsh alarm is a bad thing she says, and can be jarring and put you in the wrong mindset.

“Set your alarm to a sound that makes you feel good. Whether it’s a song or chimes, anything that will force yourself to stop pressing the snooze button because you’re taking away that super restorative REM sleep,” she explained.

This is where we disagree with her. If it’s too pleasant, we won’t wake up from our sleep. What’s your take?

Not Being Prepared the Night Before

Plosser says she wrote a book about mornings but told Travel and Leisure having a great morning is all about prepping the night before.

“It’s already so hard to motivate and to do what you need to do in the morning,” Plosser said

“We’ve been working from home, and a lot of us are working in lounge pants and sweatpants and sweatshirts, which is awesome. But even pick out those things at night because a lot of research shows it takes us 17 minutes in the morning to choose what we’re going to wear. And those are your most precious neuron moments.” Plosser notes people like Steve Jobs, who famously wore the same thing every day just to avoid this very problem, adding “there’s a method to the madness. He didn’t want to zap that brainpower in the morning. He wanted to put it onto other things.”

Not Understanding Your Personal ‘Power-Up’

According to Plosser, a big part of making sure you seize the day and have a great morning rely’s upon the routine that you have and choose.

The book, Plosser said, is really about helping people “figure out their personal power-ups to help them supercharge both their mornings and thus the rest of their day too.”

She says it could be that you want solo time in the morning, or to enjoy your cup of coffee by yourself for 20 minutes or so. Perhaps you like to listen to the sounds of the birds chirping outside and to eb left alone, etc. It’s apparent this wasn’t written with those of us who take their children to school and have to get them ready every morning. We’ve yet to see anything that mentions children, routines, etc.

“It can be that little,” she noted, “but taking that moment to myself and checking in as a human being before I go out in the world and do all the things — be a mom, be a boss, be a fitness enthusiast, — that’s really impactful.”

Not Moving a Muscle

That’s right, she says you need to get some sort of exercise in the mornings. It sounds great, unless (see above) you have children to get ready. Now I know what you’re thinking, why not just go to bed at 9pm, get up at 4am and workout. If only this were a perfect world America, but it’s not.

“There’s so much power in moving your body and how that affects your clarity, your confidence,” she said. And again, science backs her up. According to Harvard Health, exercise can increase brain activity in the areas that run our “executive function and memory” and can even promote the growth of new brain cells, which is exactly what we need in the a.m.

“I used to think it had to be a five-mile run account. And I am so glad I learned this lesson. It does not. It can be a 10-minute walk. It can be getting on my foam roller. It can be literally just going into a happy baby for a few minutes. It’s like having a natural cappuccino because of what it does for your body.”

“There are good mornings, and there are perfect mornings,” she says, though “perfect” may not be what you think.

“In my mind,” Plosser shared, “the perfect mornings are more in the ‘crazy stuff happens and you still filled yourself up and did everything you needed to do and survived’ category. That way, you’re ready to kick ass in your day.”

What’s your take America, do you buy this? My issues are there’s nothing in what we’ve heard about managing a family, multiple kids, school mornings, etc. Feel free to drop me a line below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks to our friends at Travel and Leisure for originally publishing the majority of this content.

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