The DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day Oct 18, 2022: ‘We Should Mount a Resistance’ …. ‘Now is Not the Time’

We’ve all heard the terminology of lambs to the slaughter, and this cartoon of the day is exactly that, and it’s got a political spin on it of how a majority of Americans feel right now with their out of control tyrannical government their founders warned them about.

One sheep says “We should mount a resistance” while another sheep says “Now is not the time” sounds familiar doesn’t it? As you notice the sign on the barn says “Meatpacking” and it’s literally lambs to the slaughter.

At some point the American people are going to have to get involved, we’re not talking violently, but with their voices, with peaceful protests, with running for office, with elections, with standing for what’s right. It’s time to be sheep no more.

Check out our Cartoon of the Day below:

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