The DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day July 30, 2022: ‘Because There’s A Climate Disaster On The Horizon!’

Todays’ cartoon of the day absolutely nails it, and if you know who created this masterpiece let us know because we would love to give them credit for it.

As the country falls apart with record high gas prices, record high inflation, war in the Ukraine with Russia, empty shelves, supply chain issues, and on and on we go in Joe Biden and the Democrats dumpster fire version of America.

The 2022 midterms are looking like a red wave or even a red disaster for the Democrats.

“Because there’s a climate disaster on the horizon!” and “Biden Emergency Powers.”

Check it out below!

Daily Reminder: Conservatives must keep the pressure on, get involved locally and state level elections, and stop being complacent to win in 2022. Do not let off the gas, and do not take things for granted. The Democrats are highly motivated after the Roe v Wade overturn. So get off your duffs, and get involved America, let’s take our country back!

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