The DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day July 23, 2022: ‘Woke’ and ‘Awake’

The following amazing Cartoon of the Day comes to you from our friends over at BRANCO and and it’s spot on.

In the cartoon below, you see what appears to be Disney’s Mickey Mouse flashing a mom and daughter with “woke” on the back of his trench coat. The mother’s sweatshirt has the words “awake” on it.

People are truly waking up to Disney’s push towards pushing sexual education and the LGBTQ agenda on children, and it was most noticeable when they tried fighting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with his bill stopping the education of children from grades K-3rd from being taught this in public schools.

That’s right, they were for teaching sex and LGBTQ issues to kids ages 5 to 10, check out the amazing cartoon below!

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