The DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day July 20, 2022: ‘Repeat After Me: I Didn’t Do It’

A hilarious cartoon of the day fro our friends over at from famed cartoonists Margolis & Cox!

They have depicted Bart Simpson trying to explain his famous line from the late 80’s and early 90’s of “I didn’t do it.”

“Repeat After Me: I Didn’t Do It.”

Well, we all know that Biden did, share this far and wide America!

A message below from our founder on supporting The DC Patriot:

Warning: Here Comes a Matt Couch is a Grifter post that’s guaranteed to make a few folks angry for no good reason that didn’t read the whole post .

By no means is anyone required, nor will you ever be, to pay for any articles at The DC Patriot, Our LIVE Shows, streams, information, or content that I put out.

Here’s the Grift: We’re expanding at The DC Patriot, I’ve launched a new show America’s Lunchroom with my good friend JV Johnson, we have big events planned this fall to stand and fight for America, among other things.

Here’s a few options to financially support what I’m doing:


2. Cashapp$TheDCPatriot

3. (I own it, my own lifestyle brand, pick up some swag!)

4. PREPAREWITHMATT.COM (Get stocked up for your family from my friends at My Patriot Supply at

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I’m not laughing.

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