The Constitutional Rear Naked Choke, Gun Bill HR5717

To serve as a reprieve, let’s redirect to an all-out assault on our beloved 2nd Amendment. A Democrat bill has been introduced (HR5717) that still has to pass the House but let’s face it, the House designed the bill so it will sail through to the Senate. This bill has garnered little attention so there must be something consuming the spot light at the moment so let me redirect your focus to how this will strangle your 2A.

The bill will create a National Gun Registry. If common sense doesn’t prevail on why this is a bad idea, well it doesn’t work, look at California. On top of a registry, a 30% tax would be imposed on guns and a 50% tax would be imposed on ammo, ponder on that for a moment. From 1994-2004 we experienced the “Assault Weapons Ban” and after that miserable ten years was over, you guessed it, there was no notable change in violent crime.

To really make things fun for law abiding citizens, this bill will implement National Red Flag gun confiscation laws. Not only does this smash your 5 th and 14 th Amendment (right to due process) with the Hammer of Thor, it really could bring new meaning to “Hell hath no fury like an ex scorned.” Additional goodies inside this Liberal bag of fun would be, no one under 21 could exercise their 2A rights.

Quite frankly, if you can vote and die for your country, you should be able to exercise you 2A without restriction. It would ban gun assembly in your home and require “safe” gun storage. So next time a bad guy attempts an Armed Robbery, no problem. Merely enter in your 16 digit pass-code, scan your left and right eye, say a magic word while clicking your heals together and poof, you can now protect yourself from an intruder. Who by the way won’t be abiding by ANY of this liberal concoction.

There are many other horrible attributes to this attack on our Constitution but the last one I will mention is what I consider the most dangerous of them all, “Expansion of gun free zones.” Last I checked, every school shooting and virtually every mass shooting has occurred in a “Gun Free Zone” which tells me, these are dangerous places to hang out.

When the rubber meets the road, criminals already don’t abide by current laws because we don’t enforce the one’s we have now with actual deterrents so do you really think this bill is aimed towards the criminals? You guessed it, the cross-hairs are dialed right in over our beloved Constitution. Take a stand and make sure your voices are heard and squash this evil bill, just like Nana Pelosi squashed our COVID-19 relief deal.

-Old Glory

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