The California Recall Election Can Make or Break the Future of America

Today is Recall Election Day, where millions of Californians are voting to decide whether to recall CA Governor Gavin Newsom. While clearly many of us want to replace Newsom with Larry Elder, it’s also important to understand the ramifications of this election and how it can forever change the landscape of the American way of life.

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The day has finally come… it’s Election Day in what used to be the Great State of California. Unfortunately for those of us stuck in Communist California, Governor Gavin Newsom and his fellow Democrats have utterly destroyed everything that was once good about this state.

Even before he became a tyrannical dictator drunk with power during the COVID-19 “pandemic” during which he said that this was an opportunity to make California an even more progressive state (at the time I asked whether that was even possible… he proved that it was), Gruesome Newsom was focused on raising taxes, protecting illegal immigrants and cartel members, taking away our guns, pushing the cost of living out of reach of those making less than six figures, allowing homelessness to run rampant, crime to get out of control and many other serious failures on his behalf.

Let me reiterate, we haven’t even gotten to his horrific handling of COVID-19 yet.

When COVID-19 came around, many on both sides of the aisle were ok with the 15 days to slow the spread because we didn’t know what was going on and just how deadly it was. However, that was a more voluntary decision by each of us. The problem became when Gavin Newsom began acting like a dictator, stripping our Constitutional Rights away in the name of safety.

Californians saw our right to peaceably assemble, worship God, have a job and make medical decisions for ourselves and our family utterly stripped away during his reign as dictator throughout this “pandemic.” Last I checked, there is not exception clause within the United States Constitution that allows for the suspension of our rights under certain circumstances.

Then came Newsom’s hypocrisy in sending his kids to private school while he shut down public education and dining indoors with some of his medical lobbyist friends without a mask while restaurants across the state were boarded up. This led many of us to assume that he doesn’t actually believe that garbage coming out of his mouth.

Clearly, he deserves to be recalled. He’s an utter failure as the leader of California. He destroyed it beyond recognition. But that’s not all that this Recall Election is about.

Recalling Gavin Newsom is also about the state of America as a whole. California has been leading the way in the tyrannical decisions, many of which have been copycatted by the current Biden Administration on a national level. As long as California is leading the charge in their horrific COVID-19 decisions, the rest of the nation will slowly follow.

If we are able to unseat Newsom and replace him with Larry Elder, that could potentially be the first step to inspiring a red wave not just in California, but across the nation. This would be the first time in modern history where we could legitimately see a compare and contrast between a Democrat and Conservative governor within the same state.

If Elder could make headway in repairing this state and bring back freedom and opportunity to its citizens, it will show once and for all that conservatism is the way to have a thriving America. We’d see the undoing of the destruction that the Democrats claim is helping (are they blind?!?).

The ramifications of this election are great. In my opinion, this is the most important state election in America history. The results will dictate the future of the entire nation. If you want to save this country and live in the state of California, get out and vote in person at your local voting location. Vote YES to Recall Gavin Newsom and then choose his replacement.

I chose Larry Elder to replace Gruesom Newsom. You are free to choose whomever you wish. The important thing is to recall the dictator of a governor and get him out of office ASAP.

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