The Breakdown of the FBI’s Coverup of the Seth Rich Murder Investigation

One of our good friends here at The DC Patriot, Conservative attorney Ty Clevenger who’s fought alongside our own Matt Couch, his attorney Eden Quainton, and others in our fight for the truth in Seth Rich’s still unsolved murder has dropped some new bombshells in the cover up of information.

As some of you probably already know, the murder is now over six years without being solved, and without any tangible leads what so ever.

Here are the Seth Rich records filed by the FBI on Friday night. The FBI has acknowledged it had Seth’s personal and work laptops. The FBI wrote a report about Seth’s work laptop but now refuses to disclose the report because.

Russian collusion!! Yes, releasing a report about SETH RICH’s work laptop would somehow jeopardize the non-existent prosecutions of the Russian intelligence agents indicted by Robert Mueller.

I’ve attached the declaration of Michael Seidel, the FBI official in charge of hiding public information from the public. He tries to explain why none of the records previously showed up in the five years that I have been requesting them. #EpicFail

Remember when @CrowdStrike CEO Shawn Henry testified that his company found no “concrete” evidence that the @DNC had been hacked (by Russians or anyone else)? He also testified that they found evidence that data had been prepared for “exfiltration”…

I strongly suspect that the data prepared for “exfiltration” was found on Seth’s work laptop, and I strongly suspect that Seth had downloaded that data onto a thumb drive.

In our FOIA request, we sought all of the CrowdStrike reports about the “hack” of the DNC in 2016. First the FBI ignored that portion of our request, hoping we wouldn’t notice that they had failed to respond. After we called them out.

The feds belatedly conducted a search and found three CrowdStrike reports. It produced ONLY the cover page for each report (we’re still fighting that in court, too).

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Remember when @SyHersh said one of his sources read to him from an intel report indicating that @Wikileaks got the DNC emails from an internal DNC source rather than from Russian hackers? (Julian Assange has all but said the same)…

Hersh later testified under oath that he got the information from an intel source that he had known for over 30 years, and he still believed his source. I suspect the report he’s talking about is the FBI’s report on Seth’s work laptop…

The FBI lied and cheated for five years in order to hide that laptop report, and it’s still fighting to hide that report from the public.

I’ve attached three exhibits produced by the @FBI on Friday. Take a look at the excerpt in the next Tweet…

If the FBI designates something as digital evidence (“DE”), it automatically excludes that information from FOIA. The ramifications go far beyond the Seth Rich case. The feds can designate something “DE,” and the records effectively disappear from FOIA. Ponder that.

Here’s another interesting response from our amazing attorney Ty Clevenger:

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