The 25 Sexist Accents in America, Where do They Come from?

No matter where you are from in the United States, accents are a part of life, and our British accents of long ago are long gone.

You’ve probably argued over which accents are the most annoying, and we’re sure you’ve discussed which accents are the sexiest.

Well we guess the debate is over as Philly Voice reports, we finally have an answer for which accents are the sexiest thanks to the international media company Big 7 Travel.

Big 7 Travel surveyed 1.5 million social media followers to come up with the list you’re about to read.

The results are hilarious and puzzling to some, but Texas has taken the number one spot for the sexiest accent. Congrats to all of you Texans!

A confusing one for us is how Boston however comes in at the #2 spot? Boston, really?

Another confusion bomb is how Philadelphia also ranks in the top 10, wait what?

New Jersey and Long Island came in 49th and 50th, respectively. Which is strange because we’re not sure what the difference is between these and Boston?

How did your accent rank? Did you make the list? Check out the top 25 below and head over to Big 7 Travel to see the full list, plus what they claim is an explanation for what distinguishes each accent from the others.

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Top 25 Sexiest Accents in America

  1. Texan
  2. Bostonian
  3. New York
  4. Mainer
  5. Chicago
  6. Mississippi
  7. Hawaiian
  8. Philadelphia
  9. St. Louis
  10. Californian
  11. Northwestern
  12. Chicano
  13. Miami
  14. Yooper
  15. Cajun
  16. Midwestern
  17. Alabama
  18. Baltimorese
  19. Virginia Piedmont
  20. Tennessean
  21. Kansas
  22. Connecticut
  23. Cleveland
  24. Oklahoma
  25. New Orleans

[h/t Philly Voice]

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