That Time I Accidentally Discovered a Terrorist Cell on Twitter

(Reposted here from my old site from an article I did August 2019. I was always shocked that this ever became a bigger story. With everything I know now it was probably the Feds themselves. My politics have changed a little bit recently, if it was just people teaching others how to build ghost guns and get around the government, I can’t say I’d have a problem with it. But some of this involved biological agents and mass casualties you gotta wonder are the Feds really just not catching all this stuff…or do they want this to happen? You’ve got to wonder these days.)

(August 2019) You know, I get sent a lot of tips in my inbox….but I never counted on accidentally uncovering legit terrorists on Twitter.

I have heard before that terrorists both foreign and domestic have used social media in the past to communicate with eachother. I figured they had secret groups and DM’d each other ideas, plans, and etc…but what I didn’t count on, is that people were straight up publicly posting information that no one was noticing on not only how to make bombs and where to find all the ingredients…but what kind of bombs would do the most damage to people.

It started when I was sent a long list of names to check out….and decided clicked on a few.

And found an account that does nothing but share links on how to make improvised explosives, chemical agents, and other specialized ingredients for bombs, etc.

I doubt a non-foreigner would say “darn tootin.” In fact no one would say that unless they were trying to sound like they were some redneck “white supremacist” for the government to blame.

The irony of them using the ATF’s info to enact terrorism on Americans isn’t lost on me. It’s just more proof why that dog shooting, setting kids on fire, redundant agency should just be defunded and dismantled.

So I clicked another….

And another….

And another, notice that they aren’t just tweeting links….but accumulating followers and tagging and thanking others.

Some even start out looking like they’d be a normal account on Twitter…..until you realize that they literally do nothing but tweet out ways to kill people. I feel like I’d feel better about it if it were just people that believe all information should be free, or if they emphasized some kind of defensive reasons for all this…but reading between the lines it just felt super foreign and terrorist-y.

There are 42 of these accounts on this list alone, and most link to other similar interest accounts that aren’t even on this list. But I’m glad I’m the one that’s not allowed on Twitter because going against the narrative is tantamount to “terrorism.”

And don’t say Twitter doesn’t know about this either, because a few of the accounts have already been suspended…well, temporarily of course.

So why post how to make bombs on Twitter at all?

Because if I were to jump on Google and look up 50 different ways to make bombs and where to buy all the ingredients for it, the FBI would be knocking down my door in a hot minute, or try to recruit me…speaking of, are they really not going to explain how two teenagers can afford thousands of dollars in gear yet?

So explain to me why political dissenters are silenced on Twitter for things like saying “Learn to Code” or daring to imply that there are only might two genders…..but THIS is ok? Seems like weird priorities, just saying.

Here’s just a few that I found, makes you wonder how much of Twitter is just bots.







































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