THANKS, NANCY! Dems Impeachment Sham Has Trump’s Approvals Skyrocketing

The House impeachment sham is backfiring big time on Democrats as President Trump’s approval rating specifically with the black, Hispanic, independents and suburban communities skyrockets.

The most recent Zogby Analytics poll shows that President Trump’s approval rating continues to go up as the impeachment trial moves through the Senate.

“The president continues to receive a high approval rating near or slightly above 50% for the third straight poll. He has rebounded with Independents, women, suburban voters and suburban women,” pollster Jonathan Zogby said.

According to the poll, the President has a 51% approval rating which matches former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Check out what the Washington Examiner reported:

Secrets earlier wrote about Zogby’s research that showed the president beating or tied with every Democrat but former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is ahead 45% to 43%.

Zogby’s survey included an oversampling of Hispanic and black voters to get a good gauge of their support for the president, especially in head-to-head matchups with Democrats.

What he found was a resurgence of support among independents, suburbanites, suburban women, and an expansion beyond his 2016 support among black and Hispanic voters.

All of that could be critical in the 2020 election in November and could give Trump a winning edge, said Zogby.

In the suburbs, for example, Trump is beating Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in a head-to-head matchup that mirrors his standing against other Democrats. “As has been the case the last few months, Trump’s numbers have steadily climbed among suburban voters (Trump leads 49% to 41%) and suburban women (Trump leads 50% to 37%),” said Zogby.

In the suburbs, the impeachment reaction has helped Trump. “Since the House impeachment and Senate trial, Trump’s job approval rating and numbers against his Democratic rivals have improved with Independents, suburban voters and suburban women,” said the analysis.

With black voters overall, 22% support Trump, a significant jump from the 8% he won in 2016.

And with Hispanic voters, Trump’s average is 36%, also up big from the 28% he won in 2016.

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