Texas Liberal Middle School Teacher Takes to TikTok To Talk About How She’s Indoctrinating Your Kids With Her Views, She Teaches History.. (VIDEO)

Another day, another liberal teacher talking about how “Teaching is Political.” You can’t make up the level of stupidity anymore with the liberal indoctrination of America’s youth by the overwhelming majority of liberal teachers.

She starts off by saying that “Teaching is Political.” Then she moves on to say something just completely asinine.

“The education system, the curriculum, school zoning, funding, standardized testing, all of these things can create and further lead to class and racial inequalities and impact life chances for our students.”

This makes zero sense, as the entire education system is based around catering to minorities in America, its’ absolutely ridiculous.

“Especially as a history teacher, my students deserve somebody who’s going to confront and challenge the injustices and untruth’s that are in our history that have lead to discrimination.”

Oh, so you mean YOUR OPINIONS… Yeah, that’s NOT what you are being paid to do lady.

“So yes, teaching is political, because as we develop curriculum and have conversations with our students, equity and racism need to be in the forefront of our minds. As well as giving our kids the means to gather factual information and form their own opinion.”

Wait, what? Why in the hell would you need to have that in your minds when teaching United States history? Form their own opinion? History is our history, isn’t it?

“But this is wildly different than indoctrination or propaganda, because I’m not trying to sway my students opinions, I want them to form their own educated opinions. What I’m doing is challenging a broken system and hopefully laying the groundwork for progress and justice.”

You do realize you teach history right? History isn’t opinionated, history is HISTORY.. We agree with our good friend Robby Starbuck when we say that we hope this person has been fired by the time class rolls around on Tuesday morning.

“Pflugerville Middle School in Texas. I hope to hear this political activist has been fired by the time schools open back up after the holiday is over. We can’t let far left nuts indoctrinate kids any longer.”

Watch the Full Video Below:

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20 days ago

She’s an idiot!

19 days ago

Why are liberals sooo ugly, Inside and out? And as if their naturally obtained ugliness weren’t enough, they feel the need to accentuate it with tats, piercings, and stupid 10 year old’s hair tricks. Why?

Last edited 19 days ago by WADE WOLFE
miles drake
19 days ago

The first impression is that this is some kind of parody, with the multi-colored hair, full-body tattoos and face festooned with rings, but it soon becomes clear that this is what Gramsci and the communists set out to do to America and that they have almost completely succeeded. The only way to undo the marxist Long March through our institutions is to dynamite them out whenever and wherever you find them. It is telling that they all seem to confide in the Chicom propaganda outlet TikTok. Patriotic and constitutionalist organizations should watch TikTok like the regime and the military watch… Read more »

19 days ago

What kind of an idiot hires someone with purple hair and a nose ring to teach middle-schoolers?

19 days ago

For all her assurances about not trying to ‘sway her students opinions’, I’m certain she teaches also the other sides of the debate when covering a controversial topic. I’m certain she is knowledgeable about the opposing arguments to give them a fair hearing also.