Texas Gov Abbott Meets with 19 Texas Sheriffs to Discuss Biden Caused Anarchy on the Southern Border (VIDEO)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott met with 19 border county sheriffs and scores of law enforcement officers in Corpus Christi last Thursday to discuss measures being taken to secure the border and combat the fentanyl crisis and its impact on the coastal bend..​

Abbott said, “Cartels are bringing fentanyl across the border in record amounts. “Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has confiscated enough lethal doses to kill every man, woman and child in America.”

Abbott continued, “This past year we’ve seen a record number of people lose their life because of fentanyl, the precursors of which are made in China and shipped to Mexico. Cartels make them into drugs that are then sold inthe U.S. Last year alone in Texas, we had almost 1,700 people who lost their lives because of fentanyl overdoses.”

Abbott then added, “more than four Texans a day die because of fentanyl.”

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“According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause of death of Americans between the ages of 18 and 45 is not COVID or cancer, Abbott said, It’s fentanyl. This is a crisis.”

“While those in Texas law enforcement are trying their best to get it off our streets. It’s time the Biden administration take it serious and step up to secure the border, if nothing else to stop the fentanyl.”

Abbott also warned at the meeting about the dangers of rainbow fentanyl that cartels are brining across the border that look like candy “that some kids may take and not survive.”

Abbott said that next year the state legislature will consider several proposals to beef up enforcement efforts and expand resources. One proposal will identify a “fentanyl overdose for what it is, a poisoning.” Another will “classify fentanyl for the crime that it is, murder. Anyone who laces a pill with fentanyl and knowingly sells it to someone else who loses their life should be arrested, tried and convicted for murder,” he said.

Another will allow for people to more easily and readily receive immediate medical treatments by making NARCAN, a prescription opioid overdose emergency treatment, more accessible statewide. Another will help those suffering from substance abuse and expand mental health resources. 

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Abbott also said, “My executive order declaring Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations is enabling law enforcement to identify and seize cartel assets and those of gang members, to put them out of business in Texas. They picked the wrong state. We will track down their boats, their money, their cars, whatever assets they have and put them out of business.”

“The legislature provided additional resources to local sheriffs to help them combat crime stemming from Joe Biden’s open border policies,” he said.

Abbott concluded “It’s important that i emphasize this, we should not be doing this. This is the federal government’s responsibility to take care of this issue. We are big enough to step up and respond to it but the federal government needs to do its assigned duty under the constitution to secure the border. We’re not going to wait on them.”

Numerous rural County Sheriffs voiced their cooperation of Governor Abbott for providing resources and equipment that have helped them to continue doing their jobs. 

Zapata County Sheriff Raymundo Del Bosque Jr. said, “Governor Abbott stepped up to the plate when no one did. He has heard the voice of small rural counties that have been unheard for many years. He’s visited our counties at the border an is helping us and listening to our concerns.”

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