Texas Democrats Doubt They Will be Arrested Upon Return to State from DC: ‘We’ve Done Nothing Wrong’

Texas Democratic state representatives doubt they will be arrested upon return to Texas after flying to D.C. in protest of GOP voting legislation. They are literally calling the Republicans bluff and Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s. Just an FYI, they broke the Texas State law folks, and they do not care.

“No, we won’t be arrested, we are here serving our constituents. So if standing up, if this isn’t standing up I don’t know what is, working hard for them.”

You do realize you left your state, right? You are state representatives, not federal. So leaving your state was a crime.

Another state rep said “I doubt it, we’ve done nothing wrong. How do you arrest someone if you’ve done nothing wrong?”

Watch the insane interviews below as they thumb their nose at Texans, the state legislature, and Governor Greg Abbott.

It’s put up or shut up time for Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

What are your thoughts America, should they be arrested? Comment below!

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MN OldMan
MN OldMan
18 days ago

They broke State law, Abbott needs to issue arrest warrants

Brenda Moss
Brenda Moss
16 days ago

Arrest all of them!!

13 days ago

Is it true…I heard that the Texas Legislature was also going to vote to do a full forensic audit, implying it was the most important issue the Democrats did not want them to be able to approve?

Sheila Baudin
Sheila Baudin
7 days ago

Yes, arrest them! They broke the law and cost taxpayers foolish money!!