Texas Congressman Says DHS Complicit with Human Trafficking at U.S. – Mexico Border [VIDEO]

Republican Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, while appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” opined that the Department of Homeland (DHS) is complicit in human trafficking at the U.S. southern border with Mexico. 

McCaul’s comments were in answer to Host Martha Raddatz question, “Should House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy call for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign or face impeachment for his handling of the border crisis?”

McCaul appeared to again respond positively, stating, “McCarthy’s work should really be focused on building acase against Mayorkas,” noting examples such as fentanyl trafficking and the potential presence of terrorists entering illegally.

McCaul also said, “Mayorkas has been derelict in his responsibilities to protect the nation, particularly with regard to young people who are dying at record rates from fentanyl overdoses and poisonings.”

In conclusion, McCaul replied to Raddatz and others on the panel, “They (DHS) are complicit with the biggest human trafficking event of our lifetime and I think the American people deserve some accountability.”

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Just two months before migrant encounters surpassed 2 million on the southern border, Mayorkas claimed that the area was secure during the Aspen Security Forum. Dozens of suspected terrorists were flagged in the year leading up to hi comments, along with discoveries and reports of rampant deaths and sexual assaults among those making the voyage across the border.

Many Americans wonder why the president hasn’t even approached the southern border. There are several theories, one being the democrats see an electoral advantage in growing the population in large cities and states with a Democratic majority, with the notion that this will increase congressional representation and they hope voter support in the future.

Another theory is that the leftist administration staff are ideologically opposed to borders. Given President Biden and Vice President Harris’ lack of interest in the border crisis, and with Mayorkas’ positive support, this wing has been able to implement their vision of unlimited entry for economic migrants and what they see as “marginalized,” “oppressed” people.

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