Texas Bee Attack Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Hospitalized in Neighborhood

One person is dead and another hospitalized in Texas after an angry swarm of bees attacked them authorities said.

One person died after being attacked by a swarm of bees Monday at a home in North Central Texas, firefighters say.

In a Facebook post, the Breckenridge Fire Department said the attack happened Monday afternoon in a residential area near Hubbard Creek Lake in Stephens County, about 120 miles west of Fort Worth.

Firefighters and sheriff’s deputies faced “very aggressive bee activity” and “a swarm of bees” as they entered the home, where one person was suffering from heart problems after being severely stung.

At one point a firefighter removed his own protective gear to help protect the woman as she was brought outside, away from the swarm.

Firefighters confirmed one person died as a result of the attack. The person’s identity was not released.

A second person was taken to a hospital for treatment, the post read.

Other first responders went door-to-door to warn neighbors not to use loud machinery outside while beekeepers destroyed the swarm’s hive, which appeared to fill the inside of a hollowed-out tree. The beehive was doused with foam and removed.a

“First responders were faced with the daunting task of patient care and treatment during the attack and remained professional through the event,” the post read. “Prayers again for this family.”

No other injuries were reported at this time.

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Wing Walker
Wing Walker
1 year ago

Don’t kill those bees ! Use them to defend the southern border !! Just feed them a little sugar water and a few thousand illegals, and they’ll stay there, chasing away the interloping illegals.