Texas AG Paxton Established Wide Lead in Attorney General Run Off Over Bush Family Protege

Texas Attorney General now has a commanding lead over RINO George P. Bush in the upcoming runoff for Texas Attorney General.

In a new poll released this week according to the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation, Paxton is leading the race for attorney general with 65 percent of likely voters supporting him, to Bush’s 23 PERCENT.

When the survey respondents are filtered to “almost certain voters” the lead for Paxton grows to 71 percent to 20 percent for Bush.

The poll also found Democratic voters to have a favorite in their upcoming attorney general runoff, with Rochelle Garza leading Joe Jaworski among both “likely” and “almost certain” voters. Garza leads both categories, 46-31 percent and 51-30 percent, respectively.

In a head-to-head general election matchup among “likely” voters, the poll also found Paxton to be the strongest candidate against either Garza or Jaworski. Against Garza, Paxton leads, 48-42 percent, while he also leads Jaworski, 48-41 percent. Against Bush, however, voters showed split support for the Land Commissioner and Garza, with both candidates receiving 39 percent of support. Against Jaworski, Bush trails by one point, 38-39 percent.

The poll also found Gov. Greg Abbott leading the race for Texas governor among “likely” voters. Among this group of respondents, Abbott received 50 percent of support, while Democrat Beto O’Rourke received 42 percent, Libertarian Mark Tippetts received 2 percent, and Green Delilah Barrios received 1 percent.

The runoff elections will be decided on Tuesday, May 24.

Thanks to our friends at The Amarillo Pioneer for this report.

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Randy Milten
Randy Milten
9 months ago

None of this will matter when the corrupt voting machines alter the vote count to favor the even more corrupt democratic party. The mid terms will be a mini presidential election disaster.

9 months ago

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