Tens of Thousands Protest in Prague Over Skyrocketing Energy Prices and Globalism – Prime Minister Says They Are Russian Extremists

Back in July, Czech households paid the highest price in Europe for their electricity, and the country remains among the highest exporters of electricity in the world. Insane right?

Czech leaders continue to export electricity as their own citizens continue to fall further and further into debt. Sound familiar America?

According to Prague Morning:

People living in Prague pay the highest price for electricity in all of Europe, according to the purchasing power parity of the currency. This index includes member states and countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland, Norway, and Russia.

According to the study, the people of Prague paid roughly 52 euro cents per kilowatt-hour in July. That is roughly twice as much as what residents of Bratislava pay and approximately three times more compared to the costs of residents of Budapest or Moscow.

Prague’s residents also pay almost four times more than households in the Swiss capital of Bern and over four times as much as households in Oslo, Norway.

The Czechs have the highest electricity prices in Europe today.
Via Prague Morning.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of Czech citizens have had enough, and converged on Prague to protest the insane skyrocketing energy costs.

In response the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala sounded like a typical Washington Democrat, claiming they are all Pro Russian extremists. Ahh yes, it can never be the government’s fault, it’s always extremists who want their rights and freedoms back.

Sarah Abdallah a European journalist disagrees with the Prime Minister:

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