Ted Lieu Deletes Horrific Tweet About Trump & Alabama Tornado Victims

Ted Lieu has been no fan of President Trump, and he’s made that very clear from the get go.

He doubled down on Friday with an absolutely insane Tweet about the President of the United States visiting the tornado victims in the great state of Alabama.

Ted Lieu is a sitting member of the United States Congress, but he didn’t realize that the State of Alabama and others were hit with massive F4 Tornadoes and 23 dead?

Ted Lieu couldn’t wait to mention a mass shooter and blame the President, now could he?

Now I know what you’re thinking Matt is about to pile on ‘ole’ Ted here, and you might be right. But I have to give Ted Lieu a little credit, he did apologize after the fact.

I also have to give Ted Lieu credit because when liberals were dancing with glee that a deal wasn’t reached with North Korea, Lieu stood up for President Trump. He said we are all Americans and he is our President, and we want him to succeed globally. That took courage and balls because no one else in his party did that.

So perhaps Ted was under a rock, perhaps he just thought it was the appropriate time to take a shot at the President. I will give Ted credit, he unlike the rest of his party will own it when he’s wrong and apologize. He continues to do so.

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