Ted Cruz Sends SCATHING DEMAND for Answers from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Over Censorship of Hunter Biden NY Post Bombshell

Ted Cruz is officially my spirit animal, and as many of you are aware big tech is censoring the hell out of the New York Post’s bombshell report on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop given to them by Rudy Giuliani. If you’re unfamiliar, we encourage you to read about it here at The DC Patriot.

A quick background on the story. Damning emails and photos of the former Vice President’s son, including emails showing that Joe Biden lied about meeting with people on behalf of his son with Ukrainian energy giant Burisma are included.

Now Twitter and Facebook are claiming that the Intel was hacked, which just isn’t true. Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop to have it repaired at a computer repair shop, and never came back for it and never paid the $85 fee to reclaim his computer. It then became the property of the computer shop owner, it’s that simple. No hacking was done, and the left sure does like to throw that bullshit word around, don’t they?

Yesterday in a matter of an hour Twitter locked the accounts of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (read bout it HERE), James Woods, and Jack Posobiec, all because they shared information from The New York Post’s ACCURATE and TRUTHFUL story. This is blatant election meddling America.

Ted Cruz has seen enough, here is his demand to Twitter CEO Jack Dorseyy.

Where is Attorney General William Barr? Where is the Department of Justice on this blatant election meddling America?

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