Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) in his Senate speech on Thursday said, “Apparently, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), vaccines don’t work anymore. That a science thing? Inoperative. We got more important things to worry about, like politics.  Has there ever been an institution in American public life that has discredited itself more rapidly, than the CDC?”

Cruz was also very critical of the Democrats for their response to COVID-19 on Fox News Wednesday.  “The Democrats have, from the beginning of this pandemic, treated it as a matter of politics,” Cruz said.  “We saw a political agenda instead of common sense to keep us safe.  That culminated in the CDC’s absurd decision that people who have been vaccinated must nonetheless wear a mask when inside. That’s not science. That’s politics,” Cruz added.

“The Democrats decided they want to control your lives, and my view is real simple, we shouldn’t have federal government mandates on COVID. That means no mask mandates, that means no vaccine mandates, that means no vaccine passports. This should be a question of individual choice,” Cruz continued.

Cruz was referring to the CDC update of its guidance on masks announced on Tuesday.  The CDC now recommends that fully vaccinated people should wear masks indoors.

After the CDC announcement on Tuesday, the Capitol physician reinstated a mask mandate in the House of Representatives. Nearly 40 House Republicans protested the mandate by refusing to wear masks.

It seems apparent that masks don’t work, and the vaccine is not working, or we would not be having a surge of COVID.

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Rosemary desris
Rosemary desris
1 year ago

There isn’t even a pandemic . People are not dropping dead in the streets . There are not sirens screaming every 5 minutes. Most people survive it . The flu every year kills more people then this virus . They should have known not to get anything ” made in China “. So they got a vaccine . That is killing people at a much faster rate . But again . Not fast enough for them . So boosters may speed it . Up . We all know they want to depopulate the planet. Have just enough people to keep… Read more »