Tea Party Says They Have THOUSANDS of Poll Watchers Ready for Election Day Nov 8

The chair of Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA), Jenny Beth Martin, told the Washington Times that thousands of volunteers have been trained to clean voter rolls, understand changes to election procedures, and become poll watchers or even election judges.

Martin told the paper, “The first part is about personal relationships, and the second is about procedure and politics.” She did not explain where the poll watchers or election judges trained and how they were obtained, such as temporary staffing companies, or some time of contract, nor what computer systems were being used.

Martin and Tony Shuppe, another trainer and head of Audit the Vote PA, said, “About 6,000 people are in training to become poll watchers in Pennsylvania alone, ahead of the midterms, a massive increase from the 500 who became poll watchers in 2020.”

Shuppe recently confirmed to Reuters, saying, “Her group is focused on encouraging people to become poll watchers in the upcoming November midterms elections.” Also, The Republican National Committee (RNC) told the Washington Post last week that it and its allies have staged thousands of training sessions on how to become a poll watcher and how to lodge complaints for the midterms.

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Andrea Raffle, the RNC director for election integrity in Pennsylvania, told participants on a call that they had already filled 6,000 poll watcher positions in the state this year, compared with 1,000 in 2020. Raffle referred arequest for comment to the RNC’s national office.

According to Reuters, the RNC has been pouring resources into recruiting observers and workers since being freed from the restrictions of a court-ordered consent decree in 2018. It expects to have trained over 52,000 poll watchers and workers between November last year and the coming election and said comparative numbers for past elections were unavailable.

Shuppe also told Reuters, “The more eyes that we have on this election, the more comfortable people will be that the outcome was fair and transparent, and these efforts are necessary to ensure transparency so as to not repeat problems that unfolded during the 2020 election.”

Some Republican observes said they were unlawfully kicked out of polling places in Detroit, Philadelphia, and other Democrat-majority areas during the 2020 election amid allegations of voter fraud.

Shuppe, who endorsed GOP Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, said, “The endgame is to have Democrats and Republicans alike have as many eyes on the election as possible so that both parties are comfortable in the outcome at the end of the day. We just don’t want a repeat of 2020, where people are running around screaming ‘fraud.” That, to me, would be the worst possible outcome.”

A spokesman for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) told Reuters that the group did not have a national number because state party offices manage their poll watcher recruitment.

One thing is for sure, voter integrity is a must in every election, and we need to all be involved with eyes wide open.

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