TAKE THAT! Venezuelan Journalist SLAMS Jim Carrey’s Socialism Remarks

Journalist Laureano Márquez of Venezuela slammed Jim Carrey in a column this week, shortly after Carrey went on Bill Maher’s HBO program saying American’s should “embrace socialism”

“Dear Jim, I admire you a lot, but sometimes it seems that the inability of Hollywood stars to understand politics is directly proportional to their talent,” Marquez began his column.

“I read that…you said: ‘We have to say yes to socialism, to the word [‘socialism’] and to everything.’ Perhaps for you, as for all humanity, the word ‘socialism’ sounds beautiful,” he continued.

As reported by Fox news, Marquez went on to explain that while many define socialism as “the antithesis of selfishness, synonym of concern for others…support for the weakest and their needs, of seeking health and education for all,” in reality he believes socialism today has “deep threats.”

“[In] Venezuela, what we find is just that our regime is not – for God’s sake – the antithesis of selfishness,” he wrote Wednesday. “In Venezuela, dear Jim, from what I have just told you, there is no equitable distribution of wealth; wealth is concentrated, as rarely before in our history, in very few hands.”

Marquez went on to explain that people in Venezuela are “at God’s mercy” and are fleeing the country “however way they can” as they do not have access to medication, food or other basic needs.

“[This is] a tragedy that is compounded by the denial of a regime that claims that the population has never been better.”

Venezuela is yet another example of how terrible socialism is in the world. Another prime example is that of Greece. Socialism works when a Nation fails.

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3 years ago

Carrey is just one more CATHOL1C traitor… ALL Catholics are traitors. Huffpost is CATHOL1C and a rag. Vote for ANY CATHOL1C and you vote for a traitor. Vote for ANY CATHOL1C and the borders will never be secured….Hey, give me a nice long list of a successful CATHOL1C “C” nation.

You have a hundred to pick from just south of the USA. Just remember that past failure is also a good predictor of future failure. A HUNDRED NATIONS AND A THOUSAND YEARS of 100% failure says a lot!

Clyde Grace
Clyde Grace
3 years ago

Three main economic systems in the world, hunters and gatherers, government planners, and free market. We know about hunters and gatherers socialism communism are command economies. Free market is also capitalism, notice the word free. In socialism you let planners plan for you. Free market you make your own choices to the best of your