Swiss Helicopter Company Opening in Louisiana Adds 150 New Jobs

A Swiss Helicopter company will be moving its operations to Lafayette, Louisiana the CEO of Kopter Group AG, and Gov. John Bel Edwards announced on Tuesday.

The Bell Helicopter facility closed in August, and Kopter is stepping in to fill the void. They’ll add 120 jobs at the facility, but the economics don’t stop with just the plant itself.

The Kopter Production and Product Support Center will deliver SH09 models throughout the Western Hemisphere. At least 50 percent of the company’s suppliers will be United States-based businesses.

Kopter Group will invest more than $4 million in new equipment for the building.

According to WDSU Channel 6 NBC affiliate a welcoming ceremony is set for 1 p.m. Saturday at the former Bell Helicopter facility at the Lafayette Regional Airport. Economic development officials in Louisiana estimate the plant will create another 150 jobs.

So that’s literally 270 jobs created by one Swiss company moving part of it’s operations to Louisiana. This doesn’t happen with the regulations that democrats want to put on companies trying to grow. More proof that President Trump’s economy is the right economy for the American people.

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