Sweden Daily Covid Deaths Hit Zero, With Liberty Still In Place

As many of you know, Sweden is one of those countries that didn’t fall for the global lockdown scenario. It’s now paying off with big dividends.

In the beginning, the country was harshly criticized and attacked for its laid back response to COVID-19. Some even called it reckless.

The strategy was deemed unusual by the mainstream media, but would have been normal in a normal society not played by politics and social media.

In mid 2020, the country was facing a higher Covid-19 death toll than its neighboring countries. However one year later, the strategy has been proven to be the best way to approach the pandemic. Last week, data showed that the 7-day rolling average of Covid deaths was zero, and Sweden never faced the harsh lockdowns that America and other nations faced. They never game up liberty for security.

The Swedish government actually took suicides and depression into consideration into their decision, numbers that are at all time highs in America and other nations.

Unlike it’s European neighbors, Sweden is welcoming tourists. Businesses and schools are open with no restrictions. As far as masks are concerned, not only is there no mandate in place, the Swedish health officials are not even recommending them.

Are you tired of the way the American government has handled Covid?

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CIndy R Greenplate
CIndy R Greenplate
10 months ago

There are several typos in this article that causes me to hesitate to share it. It appears unprofessional and therefore not trustworthy. Please fix the typos so we can spread this important information!

Robert Noble
Robert Noble
10 months ago

Good info, would love to share it, but can’t get it to print to pdf.

If you want people to share your articles, make them printable. Better yet, give readers a link to download a PDF that looks like you want the article to look.