Swalwell ‘I Don’t Trust AG Barr, He’s Protecting The President’

Eric Swalwell continues to push his ridiculous Russian insanity. Two years ago Mueller was the savior of the left, now he’s the enemy because it didn’t go the way they wanted.

The insanity continues in his interview Wednesday night he talks to Anderson Cooper of CNN about the NY Times saying “Some on Mueller’s Team see their findings as more damaging for President Trump than Barr revealed.”

“This is a clearing call for us to see this report immediately. This investigation was about a foreign adversary attacking our elections and questions around whether a candidate, his transition team, and his administration worked with the Russians.”

Eric, there is no collusion, furthermore if you had evidence of collusion, why didn’t you give it to the Mueller team genius? That’s how we know you are lying.

“Republicans should go with their instincts,” continued Swalwell, “they voted before anyone knew what the report would show, to release it fully to the public…420 to 0, they joined the democrats. And the President with all these questions swirling around with potential leaks coming out should just order the attorney general, if he believes that he’s 100 percent exonerated, to give us 100 percent of the report.”

It’s amazing to our team that Congressman Schiff and Swalwell have evidence of Russian Collusion, but they didn’t give this to the Mueller team, are they now obstructing Justice?

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