Suspected SARS Virus & Flu Samples Found in Luggage: FBI Report Describes China’s Bio-security Threat

The Chinese government is a massive threat to the United States of America, and a new bombshell report that came out this week shows just that from the FBI.

In late November of 2018, just over a year before the first Coronavirus case was identified in Wuhan, China, U.S. customs and Border Protection Agents at Detroit Metro Airport stopped a Chinese biologist with three vials labeled “Antibodies” in his luggage.

The biologist told the agents that a colleague in China had asked him to deliver the vials to a researcher at a U.S> institute.

However after examining the vials, customs agents came to a very alarming conclusion.

“Inspection of the writing on the vials and the stated recipient led inspection personnel to believe the materials contained within the vials may be viable Middle East Respiratory Syndrom (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) materials,” the unclassified FBI tactical intelligence report was obtained by our friends at Yahoo News.

The report was written by the Chemical and Biological Intelligence Unit of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Desctruction Directorate (WMDD), does not however give the name of the Chinese scientist carrying the suspected SARS and MERS samples, or the recipient he was planning on giving the samples to.

“The Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate assesses foreign scientific researchers who transport undeclared and undocumented biological materials into the United States in their personal carry-on and/or checked luggage almost certainly present a US biosecurity risk,” reads the report. “The WMDD makes this assessment with high confidence based on liaison reporting with direct access.”

The FBI goes on in the report to say that the two other cases cited were part of a very alarming pattern.

You can read more from our friends at Yahoo News.

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