Stormy Daniels Slams Ex-Lawyer Michael Avenatti

Stormy Daniels former lawyer Michael Avenatti took to Twitter on Tuesday to say that he was no longer representing her. It looks as though that was just another not so truthful story by the embattled attorney.

Stormy Daniels speaking at a private DC Social Club on Tuesday night called Michael Avenatti’s saying he fired her “adorable.”

“He knew that I was unhappy and looking for new counsel,” Daniels told The Wing, a private social club.

Daniels explained that the media-savvy lawyer pulled an “I quit” so “you can’t fire me.”

So let me get this straight, The Creepy Porn Lawyer pulled a routine often done by toddlers or those that want to get their way? Why are we not shocked America?

Speaking of her new lawyer, Clark Brewster, she said, “Sit tight ladies, it’s about to get real f—ing good,” teasing she might be suing Avenatti.

According to The New York Post, She said that “her lawyer” had wanted the non-disclosure agreement she signed to not talk about her alleged 2006 hook-up with President Trump to be deemed illegal so that he could pursue deposing the president.

“That was his agenda,” she explained. She said she just didn’t want to pay the $20 million penalty for breaking the NDA.

She explained to the crowd that Cohen, trying to pitch a book, had exposed himself as the fixer for the “Stormy Daniels deal,” naming the $130,000 dollar figure and likely helping reporters sniff out the story.

“We know what a rocket scientist he is,” she said.

She said she watched his Capitol Hill testimony, though tried to take a break by going to get her nails done — but his visage was on the TV there too.

“I can’t escape this guy,” she said. “He’s like herpes,” she continued, then added that the former Trump lawyer is “actually dumber, dumber than herpes.”

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