Stormy Daniels, Dollar Signs, and MAGA

I hesitate to draw more attention to an individual who is already an attention-whore.  WHAT, bad choice of words?  Ok, I digress – shall we continue?  However, this being another prime example of leftist hypocrisy, I found this too good to ignore.

The scandal as we all know, became public knowledge in January of 2018, when The Wall Street Journal revealed that shortly before the 2016 presidential election, Ms. Stormy Daniels had been paid $130,000 for signing a nondisclosure agreement regarding an alleged affair she had with Donald Trump in 2006. Later, Ms. Daniels signed a statement witnessed by her lawyer, the infamous Michael Avenatti, and her publicist, denying that she had ever had an affair with Mr. Trump. Ms. Daniels and her attorney soon became two of Donald Trumps biggest critics.

Let’s fast-forward a bit, and Ms. Daniels was subsequently reported to have been struggling financially.

Fast-forward again, and have we got the Christmas present for YOU – heavy sarcasm intended!

Is it enough that Ms. Daniels hates our President and despises the MAGA movement? NO, of course not! WAIT, there’s more! Let’s capitalize on something we supposedly hate! Let’s make money off of the iconic MAGA imagery by changing ONE word into a rather risqué alternative version of “Make America Great Again”.


Granted, the MAGA design is not copyrighted, nor do I think it should be. My point being, only Democrats can take an image they supposedly despise, and use it to make money. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds when it comes to the almighty dollar.

Also Ms. Daniels, perhaps lay off the figgy-pudding a bit.

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