Republican Senators are saying they don’t expect a vote on the $2 trillion package until Wednesday as negotiators continue to refine language in the sprawling bill.  

Many of the Republicans are willing and wanting to vote tonight, even if it means after midnight, to give employers guidance as quickly as possible about what assistance they can expect from Washington.

Senate Dem. leader Chuck Schumer (NY) and treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin have a deal practically worked out but putting conceptual agreements into legislative text has turned into a time consuming process.

But, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in an MSNBC interview that she expects the vote by the Senate to be Wednesday, although a Tuesday vote would hasten getting legislation to President Trump’s desk.  Pelosi said the precise drafting of language is critical to finalizing a deal. 

“It’s one thing to say we agree in principle, it’s another thing to see the language,” she said.

Senator John Barrass (R-WY) said most of the delay was due to all the Democrats voting “NO” because that was how Pelosi was telling them how to vote. 

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said there was no “Damn” excuse for the bill not being passed and it was really hurting the American people.

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