Still no retraction from New York Daily News “Daddy’s Little Ghoul” in reference to Ivanka Trump on the front page


There is still zero retraction from the New York Daily News “Daddy’s Little Ghoul” cover with Ivanka Trump at the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem. The sick and twisted title was revered by liberals across America, and met with anger and disgust by conservatives.

There is a major difference in an opinion versus a smear piece. What the New York Daily News did was nothing more than a revolting smear piece on the Presidents daughter. #FactsOverFeelings

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Janice Wert
Janice Wert
4 years ago

This magazine is publishing their opinion NOT FACTS!

4 years ago

Yet, everyone is losing their lunch over Roseanne’s statement about slumlord, Communist and family member and friend to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Valerie Jarrett.