Steve Bannon UNLOADS on Project Veritas Board of Directors ‘Dead to Us, Never Come Back’ and ‘James O’Keefe is a National Treasure’ (VIDEO)

Warroom General Steve Bannon is echoing the sentiment to many of those who’ve support Project Veritas and James O’Keefe over the last decade, were done with them without James O’Keefe.

As you may know by now, the Project Veritas Board of Directors think they are Project Veritas and not James O’Keefe. They removed him from power without pay on Feb 10, and then lied to their donors and others about it on Feb 15, and said he was still with them in a statement.

O’Keefe exposed the lies in a 45 minute address to his former staff that was filmed on Monday.

Steve Bannon isn’t taking this lying down, and he’s going to bat for him like our own Matt Couch has been.

Charlie Kirk says “One minute remaining Steve, you said some of the board members are no longer welcome on Warroom, what did you mean by that?”

Steve Bannon: “All of them, none of them, Tyrmand, the whole crowd, zero, dead to us, don’t ever come back. Ever Ever Ever! Just ridiculous, it’s unconscionable what went on here. Unconscionable for our movement. And for the Nation at large. James O’Keefe is a National Treasure full stop.”

Watch the video of Steve below on The Charlie Kirk Show.


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