Steve Bannon ‘SWATTED’ While Live on Air as Leftists Make False Police Report/Call to Try to Harm Him

Some lunatic on the radical left called in a fake police report on War Room host and founder Steve Bannon and had him “Swatted” while he was on the air LIVE Friday morning.

Police claim they received a call that someone inside Bannon’s D.C. row house was armed and that someone had been shot.

Armed police responded to a false report of a shooting and flooded the former White House Chief Strategist’s row house Friday morning around 10:45am.

The Washington Post even reports that police shut down streets near the Supreme Court and the Capitol building for about an hour.

The Post reported that police initially said they had encountered a person who was claiming to be amred, and who appeared to be suffering from a mental health crisis. No weapon was found and no injuries were reported in the incident.

A DC police spokeswoman later said someone had called a crisis hotline and reported that a man inside Bannon’s row house in the area of the 200 block of A Street NE was armed and had shot someone.

This is yet just another reason that red flag laws are absolutely unconstitutional and complete and total bullshit because of incidents just like this. Proving time and time again that people will lie to harm those they disagree with and use this to their full advantage.

“MPD and @CapitolPolice are on scene in the area of 3rd and A Street, NE for a call for service. After further investigation, no shots were fired and there is no active threat to the community. There are no reported injuries. The scene will be cleared momentarily.”

“It was learned that there was no incident inside, there was no shooting that occurred,” Carroll said. “So at this time, there is no threat, there is no immediate danger anywhere in the area.”

The police later took questions from the press and did not deny that it was a so-called incident of “swatting” where someone will call 911 and make a false report of intense violence in hopes police SWAT teams arrive and engage with the person at the location.

While not releasing the name of Bannon, Carroll said that the home housed a “residence with some sort of business connection,” and that when police arrived, the occupants of the house were “shocked” by the police presence, but were cooperative.

Make no mistake about it, the people that do this kind of thing are absolute cowards and pathetic excuses of human beings. Thank God no one was hurt, but it sure is strange. You don’t see this happening to any liberal TV or radio hosts do you?

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4 months ago

Wonder which FBI agent called that in?
Sick bassturds

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