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Statement from Matt Couch

In August of 2017 America First Media and I began to report thatAaron Rich, Seth’s brother, was involved in transfer of DNC documents to WikiLeaks, and receiving money in exchange.

Our reports about Aaron Rich were largely driven by information givento us by a single source, who we now believe provided us with false information and who, as of this date, has retracted his statements.

Today, we retract and disavow our statements, and weoffer our apology to Mr. Rich and his family.

I take full responsibility for my actions and those of America FirstMedia before its dissolution, and would like to apologize to Mr.Rich and his family. All references related to Mr. Rich have beenremoved from our websites and social media platforms to the bestof our ability.

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Dan Gleesac
Dan Gleesac
2 days ago

Lmaoo this has to be part of the settlement agreement. I suspect your twitter feed will be filled with posts of you spamming your cash app, hope Aaron took you to the cleaners.

The Guy Properly Fucking Your Ex Wife
The Guy Properly Fucking Your Ex Wife
1 day ago

I bet your ex wife is loving being plowed by a real man and not some whiney fat fuck like you

Ted Atkinson
Ted Atkinson
1 day ago

You are a complete piece of shit.

Sheev Palpatine (@DeepStateWatch1)

this website is Pure TRASH!

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