Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America on Radical Left Lawyer Working for Chuck Schumer Pushing New York AG’s Office Against Him

The following is a statement from the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

In the following statement, the 45th President addresses a radical left attorney who works for Chuck Schumer pushing the New York District Attorney to pursue phony charges against him.

You can read the full statement below.

“A Radical Left lawyer who works with Chuck Schumer’s brother at a Democrat law firm is upset the District Attorney of New York has not yet pursued phony charges against President Trump. It’s troubling how politicized our justice system has become, where Democrats are loaned out to gin up crimes against their political opponents. President Trump built a great business, and did nothing wrong. New York should get back to solving their skyrocketing crime problem, rather than spending so much time and energy on partisan witch hunts.

“On top of everything else, their firm represents the DNC, Democrats, and is Hillary Clinton’s law firm. This is disgraceful behavior and how somebody like that and others from his firm can be let loose to become prosecutors of a great Republican President is disgraceful. So bad, in fact, that professional prosecutors resigned in protest of this presidential persecution. They thought it was very unfair. Will this Radical Left law firm be held legally accountable for what they have done?”  – Liz Harrington, spokesperson for Donald J. Trump

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