State Officials in Michigan and Nevada are Actively Threatening Voters Demanding Election Audits in Their States

Two Battleground states battered by election fraud suspicions, now have government officials targeting and threatening anyone who petitions their State for a forensic audit with misdemeanors, felonies, and jail time. In a heavily biased story put out today, The Detroit Times reported that the Michigan Senate committee recommended that the Attorney General investigate individuals who push what they consider to be “false” claims of election fraud. What’s interesting is how this very same “news” outlet states that these claims of election fraud are “faulty” in the exact same sentence they also admit “human error” caused thousands of votes to switch from Trump to Biden.

That little “switch-a-roo” there talking about in Antrim County, also occurred on live TV six different times in five separate Battleground states on election night. You can watch the video playback “here.” Human or machine error, if you’ve got thousands of votes switching and flipping during an active election…then you have more than a valid reason to perform forensic audits on every state that used that same equipment. By the way, every single state currently suspected of election fraud, are all using the same machines and software that even top level Democrats complained were riggable and hackable right up until they “won.”

Similarly in Nevada, government officials are threatening anyone that petitions them demanding an election audit with felonies and jail time…including yours truly. I have been working with a nonpartisan group of concerned Nevadans along with the same Maricopa County Patriots like Josh Barnett, Daniel Wood, and David Jose that succeeded in getting a forensic audit done there. Nevada faced multiple transparency issues in the 2020 election, from preventing poll from observing, to the the refusal of the SOS to provide proof the machines were certified right before the election, to never getting an explanation on why counting “stopped” then secretly resumed when observers went home on election night. The county recorders are trying to claim that the signed affidavits were “unauthorized” and “falsified” based off reasons that the group breaks down as wrong, nonsensical, and conveniently vague. You can read our official statement “here.”

With Rasmussen polls showing that 55% of Americans believe forensic audits should occur to either prove validity or fraud…the outright refusal to grant voters their right to an audit, on top of the vindictive responses from officials to prosecute anyone simply asking for one….certainly isn’t a “good look” for officials trying to prove their own seats weren’t fraudulently won themselves.

If you’d like to participate in demanding as audit to receive your very own county recorder hate mail, you can find directions at the bottom of the article “here” and the PDF file for the affidavit “here.”

If you’d like to remind Nevada officials that this is not what innocent people do, you may remind them generously below:

SOS Barbara Cegavske: 775-684-5708

AG Aaron Ford: 775-684-1100

Governor Steve Sisolak: 775-684-5670,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(Since I’ve kicked off everything for posting about voter fraud, you can follow updated news about the Nevada Audit either through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy )

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1 year ago

The actual news source is The Detroit News, not The Times. Having said that, yes their story is very biased, and traditionally they’re considered the more “conservative” newspaper.

Steve B
Steve B
1 year ago

Good let them try this. Then they will have discovery in court which will allow signed affidavits, evidence of fraud to be submitted . That will be their undoing. Then they can charge the State Officials with obstruction of Justice.